1. Jury awards $150 billion to family of burned boy

    ... award in U.S. history. Read the whole story at MSNBC.

  2. TEA PARTY 2011


    ... socialist economic plans, a wave of Americans have decided to take a page out of U.S. history and hold "tea

  3. Black Americans feel pain in Martin case

    ... because of a "history that doesn't go away."

  4. Arming Syrian rebels: History repeats itself

    ... that it will be supplying the Syrian opposition with more military support. History is bloodied by similar US

  5. What's ahead for America in 2014?

    ... to react to the usurper in office. History is repeating itself. This will be a very bad year, I am afraid. I am literally afraid. God bless, Rex

  6. Mammograms boost breast-cancer risk?


    ... . A history of mammography before age 30 also tended to raise the risk by 43 percent, a finding ... that persisted with adjustment for family history as an indication, although without statistical significance, the group reported online in BMJ.

  7. Joan Peters guest tonight

    ... Joan Peters, author of the classic history of the Middle East, "From Time Immemorial ... is a milestone history on the origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict. First published in 1984, "From

  8. History lesson needed now

    ... . History shows us how successful that was. The U.S. government has been waging their "War on Drugs ... . Perhaps a history lesson is in order for the ruling class in the U.S. Ian Payne

  9. National Cathedral off the deep end

    ... ., has hosted many events in its storied history, from Martin Luther Kings final Sunday sermon before his ... a brief history. In 1791, Pierre Charles L'Enfant, who laid out the capital city, included space

  10. Today's American Minute

    ... following World Wars I and II. Gaining international acclaim for his history books, Arnold Joseph ... Toynbee wrote: "The course of human history consists of a series of encounters ... in which each man