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  2. Movieguide Awards red carpet event live

    ... Watch the event live on this page Friday.

  3. National School Shield Report Download

    ... National School Shield Report Download Click here to download the full 225 page report in PDF format (8MB).

  4. Facebook allowed 'Kill Mitt Romney' page


    ... (FREEBEACON) A Facebook page entitled Kill Mitt Romney garnered close to 30 likes and remained ... online for 17 days before Facebook removed the page Monday. The Secret Service was aware ... of the the page and is taking appropriate investigative steps, according to FoxNews.com. A Philadelphia

  5. Facebook: Sorry for threatening conservative 'Chicks'


    ... on the Right" fan page over a posting that was critical of the Obama Administration. "Chicks on the Right ... " is a popular conservative website that boasts more than 90,000 fans on their Facebook page. Earlier ... personal Facebook page as well as administrative functions on the "Chicks on the Right" page because a posting had violated the company's standards.

  6. LIVE! Watch Gov. Walker defend American Dream

    ... * In the unlikely event that the live-stream freezes for more than 10 seconds, reload your web page ... . Reloading your page and pressing the play button again should restart the stream. Be sure

  7. Facebook yanks 'Virgin Mary Should Have Aborted' page


    ... (LIFENEWS) Tens of thousands of people complained about a Facebook page that promotes the notion ... , the administrator of the page claims to explain what really happened in the biblical times, since the bible ... on Twitter, it appears the page has been taken down. Virgin Mary Shouldve Aborted, which had at its

  8. 'Juno' star Ellen Page: 'I am gay'


    ... (CNN) -- Hollywood actress Ellen Page, known for her role in the movie "Juno," announced she ... is gay, in a very public way. Page broke the news during an emotional speech Friday in a crowded ... . And because... maybe I can make a difference," Page told a crowd at an event called Time to THRIVE, a conference to promote issues of the gay community.

  9. N.Y. Times buriesBerger story

    ... investigation for pocketing highly classified terrorism documents was buried on page A-16 in today's ... edition of the New York Times. While the story earned front-page coverage in USA Today, America's ... "paper of record" ran a wire story in a small box on the bottom of its last news page in the A section

  10. Gannett releases 'dummy data' from Ohio

    121001_ohio_early_voting_ap_605 (1)

    ... the front page. Justin Higgins says that OH wont release EV data separately: