1. Pentagon, CIA open targets for crippling attack?

    ... and nuclear facilities, properly protected for the looming, major threat of cyber terrorism ... , which may be ripe for attack in a new age of cyber warfare. Just last week, U.S. cyber security ... chief Randy Vickers resigned following a string of cyber attacks on the websites of various U.S

  2. Iran hacks into Israel's military


    ... . banks. U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said last month Iran is a cyber threat ... Guards have formed a hacking unit to engage the U.S. and Israel in a cyber war. This follows ... delivery system. Iranian officials have announced their cyber war campaign would support the goals

  3. Cyber experts: China attacked U.S. stocks, companies


    ... cyberattack from China, according to a cyberwarfare intelligence analyst who contracts with the U.S ... database. Officials have privately linked both intrusions to China, according to the National ... and other U.S. targets to China, Russia and the area of Germany formerly under the communist East German

  4. Islamic, Chinese hackers target U.S. news sites


    ... officials say the Washington Post is only one of dozens of U.S. media outlets that have come under ... to the president for National Security Affairs, takes a look into the future in "China" The Gathering Threat ... [caption id="attachment_2049445" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Hackers from China and Islamist

  5. Huckabee to Obama: 'Punch back' against China cyberattack


    ... , director of the National Security Agency and commander of U.S. Cyber Command, testified to Congress ... , took place in December. Beijing called U.S. accusations that China-based hackers were behind ... this." 'Let's not talk about espionage' The disclosure of the attack comes ahead of the annual U.S.-China

  6. China: The unreportable scandal

    ... to say that China has all but declared war on the U.S. through acts of aggression that are being ... is preparing for cyber warfare against the United States.The U.S. government has been aware ... press establishment. Why is China a sacred cow? What else can China do to the U.S. without

  7. Power-grid threat 'dead-on accurate'


    ... of the U.S. Cyber Command, told lawmakers Thursday that adversaries of the U.S. conduct regular ... on the vulnerability of the U.S. power grid, with one telling FoxNews.com that state-sponsored hackers could ... of the threat to America's power grid when the rest of the media wasn't paying attention: "A Nation

  8. Wall Street oblivious to cyber-economic warfare


    ... , China and elsewhere have plans in place for financial warfare by cyber and other means against our ... and literally take down the U.S. economy." That's a pretty startling statement from a four-star general ... to these national security issues. The threat, however, is well-documented. In 2008, during the midst

  9. U.S. was warned of Iranian cyber attacks


    ... American officials say Iran is behind a new wave of destructive cyber attacks on American ... . have concluded that cyber spies have penetrated the U.S. electric grid and left behind software ... to map the U.S. infrastructure, including the electric grid. While China has little incentive

  10. U.S. refuses Chinese missile deal

    ... as long as Chinese missiles remain deployed opposite the island. U.S. officials initially ... a deal with China and leave Taiwan vulnerable. The first high-level U.S.-China military contacts ... development Chinese military budget mostly hidden Beijing preparing new cyber-attacks China