1. China buys more Russian destroyers

    ... a legitimate threat against U.S. carriers and their accompanying battle groups. Russia sold China two ... threat to U.S. China's military modernization continues China develops anti-satellite weapon ... Readying an attack on Taiwan Congress: Stop Russia-China missile sales U.S. eyes China first-strike threat

  2. The Beijing hack attack

    ... to cease and desist during the century date-change, reports escalate daily of cyber-terrorism ... blondes, Jack in the Box tacos and 21st century cyber-warfare have in common? Everything ... Republic of China and the transnational corporations who profit from dealing with it. "Human rights

  3. U.S. defense contractor in Chinese-purchase deal

    ... U.S. Army War College report, the Pentagon believes China's military views cyber-attacks as "critical ... of Cyber Defense Ageny. Huawei having ownership of hardware and network components linked to U.S ... reported. Special offers: 'China: The Gathering Threat' Don't be surprised again by world

  4. China attacks WorldNetDaily by name

    ... The U.S. news media are painting a sinister picture of the threat posed by China, says Beijing & ... , Beijing says, foments "the new China threat racket." "The 13 July saw U.S. most famous 'WorldNetDaily ... formed threat to the U.S. On Yahoo, access to 'China threat', in a few seconds, one will find hundreds

  5. ISIS could get hacked info on millions of Americans


    ... and former federal employees is growing more worrisome, with China having access to files ... . China could decide to use the data for its own purposes, sell it to the highest bidder purely for profit ... . The breach at the Office of Personnel Management is considered the largest cyber attack ever

  6. America unprepared for devastating 'Black Swan'


    ... potential, evolving world threats They ranked the biggest threat as cyber attacks, followed in order ... , sabotage, and cyber attack," he said. Pry said cyber warfare is another existential threat ... Infrastructure Event," warned U.S. Cyber Command that U.S. doctrine should not overly focus on computer

  7. China's prez to chat cybersecurity with U.S.


    ... [caption id="attachment_1450365" align="aligncenter" width="596"] China and the U.S. are due ... hosted by the U.S. China Business Council and the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations. "China ... is ready to set up a high-level joint dialogue mechanism with the United States on fighting cyber

  8. China: 'Pervasive access' to 80% of telecoms


    ... information but the potential threat to critical U.S. infrastructure and national security. Because ... put out in March by the congressional U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission also had ... be in a position to sabotage critical U.S. weapons systems and sensitive cyber sites, all of which could

  9. Chinese state-run media slam Romney


    ... Mitt Romney Monday, warning that his policies would poison U.S.-China relations. "By any standard ... , the U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's China policy, as outlined on his official ... in Monday's China Daily. "It endorses the China threat' theory and focuses on containing China's rise

  10. Clinton gave China 'false certification' on nukes

    ... to determine whether President Bill Clinton could certify to the U.S. Congress that China ... threat, and that false certification made not only China, but rogue nations that China does business ... analysts tell Insight that the Clinton administration falsely certified the People's Republic of China