1. 45 Muslim doctors plotted attack on U.S.

    ... now discovered a group of 45 Muslim doctors threatened an attack in the U.S. with car bombs ... and rocket grenades. The threat was found in an Internet chat room run by Younis Tsouli, 23, of London ... , one of three members of a "cyber-terrorist" gang, according to the Daily Telegraph of London. One

  2. The viruses in your keyboard

    ... in the intensive-care unit, reports the South China Morning Post. They found that a quarter harbored a strain ... of bacterium which hospital officials particularly dread -- multi-drug-resistant staphyloccocus aureus ... funguses in the dust on computer equipment. Keyboards in homes, offices and cyber cafes also

  3. Cheap hawks

    ... .'" But Rumsfeld has inverted the meanings here. The big threat was the one that got ignored precisely ... the U.S. military has fewer than 1.4 million active duty personnel. China has over 4 million. Combine ... and economic considerations. China, after all, is our trading partner, and Russia is our

  4. China attacks WorldNetDaily by name

    ... The U.S. news media are painting a sinister picture of the threat posed by China, says Beijing & ... , Beijing says, foments "the new China threat racket." "The 13 July saw U.S. most famous 'WorldNetDaily ... formed threat to the U.S. On Yahoo, access to 'China threat', in a few seconds, one will find hundreds

  5. Prepare for 2 wars

    ... in the Pacific (a job known as CINCPAC) and served until recently as U.S. Ambassador to China announced last ... Friday that a "rising China is okay" and, from a military perspective, "not really" a threat ... . According to the South China Morning Post, Joseph Prueher told an audience in Seattle that the PRC's

  6. China to launch missiles near Taiwan

    ... with China. Taiwanese intelligence officials are saying that either C-801 ship-to-ship missiles ... cruise missiles are capable of sinking most surface vessels, including U.S. warships. China has sold ... have proven the subsonic C-801 and C-802 weapons are a threat to U.S. warships. C-801 and C-802

  7. Cyber-security alarms ring for military


    ... diminished, officials say in a report in Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin. This prospect looms as the U.S ... . WASHINGTON Ongoing cyber-attacks on critical infrastructures will only be aggravated ... infrastructures and federal operations are under increasing cyber-attack, placing sensitive information at risk

  8. China buys more Russian destroyers

    ... a legitimate threat against U.S. carriers and their accompanying battle groups. Russia sold China two ... threat to U.S. China's military modernization continues China develops anti-satellite weapon ... Readying an attack on Taiwan Congress: Stop Russia-China missile sales U.S. eyes China first-strike threat

  9. Diplomat in Miami linked to Iran-Venezuela cyber-terror plot


    ... to undermine U.S. interests and the potential threat to our national security posed by [her] activities ... ," the letter said. State Department spokesman William Ostick said U.S. officials can't corroborate ... , which is pressing U.S. officials to demand Pena-Esclusa's release, called him "among the most

  10. Ultimate domination

    ... developments in China and the military threat it poses. Question: So what is the latest ... with some of the U.S. military officials when I was over there and they said one of the things ... echoed by many of the so-called U.S.-China experts: China has no expansionist aims and that China