1. New Year fear: Y2K or terror?

    ... Is it the Y2K bug, or is it a terrorist attack? That may be the question government officials ... protected against cyber attacks. "There is the possibility that a terrorist organization could ... are planning a cyber attack that could bring down America's infrastructure. "They could attack

  2. Giving China help with cyber warfare

    ... . The Obama administration is considering easing U.S. export controls to China ... . export control laws toward China is the U.S. business community. "The U.S. has one of the most ... review and liberalization despite increasing targeting of U.S. technology by such countries as China

  3. Is U.S. already at war with Iran?

    ... detection. U.S. intelligence officials believe that not only will Iran learn stealth technology methods ... bombings of its facilities, the persistent cyber-attacks on its nuclear program and the assassinations ... Bulletin. To the Iranians, the recent U.S. allegation of an Iranian attempt to assassinate the Saudi

  4. The Beijing hack attack

    ... to cease and desist during the century date-change, reports escalate daily of cyber-terrorism ... blondes, Jack in the Box tacos and 21st century cyber-warfare have in common? Everything ... Republic of China and the transnational corporations who profit from dealing with it. "Human rights

  5. U.S. defense contractor in Chinese-purchase deal

    ... U.S. Army War College report, the Pentagon believes China's military views cyber-attacks as "critical ... of Cyber Defense Ageny. Huawei having ownership of hardware and network components linked to U.S ... reported. Special offers: 'China: The Gathering Threat' Don't be surprised again by world

  6. China to launch missiles near Taiwan

    ... with China. Taiwanese intelligence officials are saying that either C-801 ship-to-ship missiles ... cruise missiles are capable of sinking most surface vessels, including U.S. warships. China has sold ... have proven the subsonic C-801 and C-802 weapons are a threat to U.S. warships. C-801 and C-802

  7. China buys more Russian destroyers

    ... a legitimate threat against U.S. carriers and their accompanying battle groups. Russia sold China two ... threat to U.S. China's military modernization continues China develops anti-satellite weapon ... Readying an attack on Taiwan Congress: Stop Russia-China missile sales U.S. eyes China first-strike threat

  8. Diplomat in Miami linked to Iran-Venezuela cyber-terror plot

    ... top diplomat in Miami has been linked to an alleged cyber-terrorism plot against the U.S ... ] willingness to undermine U.S. interests and the potential threat to our national security posed by [her ... ] activities," the letter said. State Department spokesman William Ostick said U.S. officials

  9. China: 'Pervasive access' to 80% of telecoms


    ... information but the potential threat to critical U.S. infrastructure and national security. Because ... put out in March by the congressional U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission also had ... be in a position to sabotage critical U.S. weapons systems and sensitive cyber sites, all of which could

  10. Prepare for 2 wars

    ... in the Pacific (a job known as CINCPAC) and served until recently as U.S. Ambassador to China announced last ... Friday that a "rising China is okay" and, from a military perspective, "not really" a threat ... . According to the South China Morning Post, Joseph Prueher told an audience in Seattle that the PRC's