1. China renews ties with N. Korea

    ... " has the potential to further complicate U.S. efforts to stabilize mounting tensions between China ... to defend them." The U.S. currently has two aircraft carrier battle groups in the South China Sea ... or not -- by both North Korea and China would "split the focus and attention of the U.S." He added that he

  2. U.S. killed Aegis sale?

    ... a growing military threat from China. Taiwan's Tung Sen News said Thursday that U.S. officials ... . Instead, U.S. officials have agreed to sell Taiwan "several high-performance reconnaissance ... the veracity of the Taiwan-based reports. But the Tung Sen News report said U.S. officials made

  3. Young hackers take aim at cyber terrorism

    ... -savvy youngsters – some only in their late teens – to work in a top-secret Cyber ... -old head of MI5, believes it has a vital role in combating a new form of terrorism – cyber ... terrorism that has been traced to China, Russia and al-Qaida. "In the past few months, over

  4. Iran says Israel engaged in nuclear terrorism


    ... obligated to "utilize its authority to act against those states undertaking cyber attacks and sabotage ... was done in the cyber attacks, which Iran insists originated in Jerusalem and Washington. Both ... Israel or the U.S. has ever admitted any knowledge of or participation in any attack on the Iranian

  5. Will financial markets suffer next attack?


    ... cyber attacks on U.S. government and private industry, including 86 attacks on "critical ... Successive U.S. administrations' failure to stop al-Qaida helped facilitate the 9/11 attacks ... . Targeting the World Trade Center, the symbol of U.S. financial might, bin Laden intended to destroy

  6. U.S. officials ignored China cyber threat


    ... . WASHINGTON U.S. government agencies remain unprepared to confront the cyber war China is planning ... against the United States, even though U.S government officials and members of Congress have known ... . U.S. government officials who read about the components in WND and G2Bulletin in recent days inquired

  7. 'ISIS' hacks Pentagon accounts: 'We are coming'

    Image posted on the Twitter account of U.S. Central Command

    ... a "cyber caliphate" against U.S. technology using encrypted software. In September, the FBI warned ... of possible cyber attacks in retaliation for U.S. air strikes against ISIS. NBC News reported the FBI ... account of U.S. Central Command[/caption] By Chelsea Schilling and Michael Maloof Hackers

  8. Rummy's back!

    ... previous tenure as commander of U.S. Space Command, Gen. Myers has had first-hand experience ... to do nothing more than enunciate rhetorical commitments to U.S. space power while eviscerating any ... ; or, in the current vernacular, "transformed" – are the U.S.' conventional forces. It is likely that even

  9. Israel major supplier of arms to Beijing

    ... of U.S.-origin technology to China." In the 1990s, Israel was caught selling China Patriot anti ... -missile technology that U.S. officials say has ended up in Chinese air defense weapons.Israel in January ... 2003 suspended sales of arms to China that could harm U.S. security and a U.S.-Israeli discussion

  10. Report warned power vulnerable to terror

    ... "much of the U.S. critical infrastructure is potentially vulnerable to cyber-attack," it noted ... : Beijing preparing new cyber-attacks U.S. developing cyber-warfare capabilities China's high ... A report published nearly six months before the historic U.S.-Canadian power outage warned