1. The prospects for cyber war

    ... type of battlefield over time. The true threat of cyber war comes from countries and groups ... a "limited" threat. The development of effective cyber weapons by nation-states will likewise ... , media attention has heightened fears in both the public and private sectors about cyber weapons

  2. Whaddya mean, 'monitor' my email?


    ... Great Britain has taken a horrifying page from China and Iran. Internet activity of every person ... : A cyber nightmare "Our government is failing us. Again." In a feature article in the April issue ... are defenseless against a catastrophic cyber attack that could bring down our electronic

  3. U.S. killed Aegis sale?

    ... a growing military threat from China. Taiwan's Tung Sen News said Thursday that U.S. officials ... . Instead, U.S. officials have agreed to sell Taiwan "several high-performance reconnaissance ... the veracity of the Taiwan-based reports. But the Tung Sen News report said U.S. officials made

  4. Buying counterfeit chips from China

    ... It's a problem for U.S. retailers when Communist China makes fake designer handbags and illegal ... . After the U.S. ships our scrap computers to China, scavengers working in littered streets sand off ... ." Last year, the U.S. bought 59,000 counterfeit microchips from China for use in our warships

  5. China renews ties with N. Korea

    ... " has the potential to further complicate U.S. efforts to stabilize mounting tensions between China ... to defend them." The U.S. currently has two aircraft carrier battle groups in the South China Sea ... or not -- by both North Korea and China would "split the focus and attention of the U.S." He added that he

  6. China hacking reflects cyber Cold War

    ... Dec. 14 (Bloomberg) – Google Inc. and Intel Corp. were logical targets for China-based ... hackers, given the solid-gold intellectual property data stored in their computers. An attack by cyber

  7. Info war alert

    ... U.S. intelligence agencies are on heightened alert for what may be the first international ... cyber-warfare operations -- across the Taiwan Strait. With Taiwan's presidential elections a week away ... , the CIA believes China could launch covert computer attacks on the island nation. The targets

  8. Internet worm from Hong Kong?

    ... "exploratory" cyber-attacks against U.S. defense and civilian computer networks and systems as part ... , e-mails and thousands of Bank of America ATM machines in the U.S. Networks from Asia to Europe ... Internet traffic two years ago. U.S. experts and the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection

  9. Getting the pulse of America in real time


    ... because China is "known to aggressively conduct cyber espionage." He wondered whether China ... last week's presidential debate, making it the most tweeted-about event in U.S. politics, according ... , journalists, campaign staffers, elected officials and voters to the candidates' answers. Just

  10. U.S. on alert for nuclear blast overhead


    ... WASHINGTON U.S. officials quietly are expressing concern that North Korea could use its "space ... as the nation's critical infrastructures. The concern is so great that U.S. officials who watch North Korea ... to North Korea's latest threat to strike targets in Hawaii and the continental U.S., as well as possible