1. China channeling money through Chavez to drug cartels

    ... consumption. In an analysis entitled "Chavez and China: Challenging U.S. Interests," the American ... , teams up with notorious drug lords in Mexico to try to raise the threat level in U.S. cities ... . Hugo Chavez China may be helping to bankroll plans by Venezuela's leftist leader

  2. More money for cyber-terror, Y2K

    ... ," which is the Italian word for goodbye. "Critical infrastructures are those physical and cyber ... failures, human error, weather and other natural causes, and physical and cyber attacks," warns the PDD ... economy is increasingly reliant upon interdependent and cyber-supported infrastructures and non

  3. Nasdaq outage resembles hacker activity


    ... (USA Today) Officials for the moment say they cannot pinpoint anything malicious about ... of the three waves of denial-of-service attacks that have bedeviled U.S. financial institutions ... , including stock brokerages, since last September. An Iranian hacking collective Cyber Fighters of Izz ad

  4. China steps up Taiwan preparations

    ... frustration over what the U.S. believes is the Chinese military's reluctance to give American officials ... the Clinton years, PLA officials were given access to U.S. military combat exercises and bases, but recently ... -launched, medium-range ballistic missiles in military districts facing Taiwan. Also, U.S. officials

  5. Could America fall without a fight?


    ... in the form of a devastating, albeit limited, cyber-attack by China in which this privileged trading ... not comforting to realize the U.S. power grid is vulnerable to a similar kind of cyber-attack ... partner and recipient of hundreds of billions in direct U.S. government aid exploited Washington's

  6. Cyber-attacks feared response to sanctions on Russia


    ... , U.S. security officials are concerned that Moscow could retaliate with cyber-attacks on computer ... acknowledge that if Russia retaliated with cyber-attacks on the U.S. banking system, it may be difficult ... networks used by U.S. banks and other financial institutions. U.S. and Western sanctions to date

  7. Hagel: Cyber threats post 'insidious' danger

    Michael Kidd works on a computer at ECPI University in Virginia Beach

    ... (Reuters) - Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Friday that cyber threats posed a "quiet ... " to guide behavior and avoid conflict on global computer networks. Hagel said he would address cyber ... . "Cyber threats are real, they're terribly dangerous," Hagel told reporters on his plane en route

  8. Info war alert

    ... U.S. intelligence agencies are on heightened alert for what may be the first international ... cyber-warfare operations -- across the Taiwan Strait. With Taiwan's presidential elections a week away ... , the CIA believes China could launch covert computer attacks on the island nation. The targets

  9. The threat to U.S. in Panama

    ... zone represents a threat to U.S. security, according to a report obtained by WorldNetDaily ... columnist Charles Smith. "U.S. and Panamanian security officials stated that Panama has become ... are backed and supplied by Cuba, Russia and China. "The growing anti-U.S./NATO 'strategic

  10. Ignoring the Chinese danger

    ... another perspective to the Chinese threat. China is an emerging world power, while some suggest U.S ... China expert, agrees that U.S. leaders are dangerously apathetic towards China. He told me ... . These moves are all designed to reduce U.S. influence and help China gain a better position