1. U.S. Navy plane victimof 'electronic ambush'?

    ... Systems planes to China in 1998. U.S. officials blamed an out-of-date map for the embassy bombing ... a series of U.S. "affronts." Specifically, the report said, "China … chose its moment ... . Chinese officials, the report said, have become increasingly incensed with the U.S. following the U.S

  2. Welcome to cyber war

    ... to pull our attention to a greater long-term threat: cyber war. If we don't, we could lose our ... Stealing U.S. Economic Secrets in Cyberspace," was released. It got a bit of a mention in print ... ; innovation – is being taken away by Russia and China. The governments involved are doing

  3. China, Russia resisting Western 'intervention'


    ... to settle if the international community ignored the positions of Russia and China. "The Chinese ... . In fact, Putin is to visit China in June. However, there is an internal debate within Russian circles ... to U.S. troops in Afghanistan along the Northern Distribution Network that goes through Russia

  4. CIA steps up weapons monitoring

    ... -destruction weapons is a growing threat worldwide, the director said last week The center is to be led ... primarily of scientists and engineers. CIA officials believe the pace of weapons proliferation has ... of U.S. interests. Never have we had to deal with such a high quotient of uncertainty," Tenet said

  5. Diplomat in Miami linked to Iran-Venezuela cyber-terror plot


    ... to undermine U.S. interests and the potential threat to our national security posed by [her] activities ... ," the letter said. State Department spokesman William Ostick said U.S. officials can't corroborate ... , which is pressing U.S. officials to demand Pena-Esclusa's release, called him "among the most

  6. Cyber teams being deployed to defend U.S.


    ... cyber security to protect critical U.S. infrastructure following increased threats from determined ... . WASHINGTON Cyber teams are to be deployed to defend the critical infrastructure of the United ... international hackers against the U.S., especially its electrical grid. While there has been a lot

  7. DoD: U.S. war machine vulnerable to EMP event


    ... , director of Analysis and Production/Threat for the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command G-2, said ... be a chance of a major cyber-attack against critical U.S. infrastructure systems that could lead ... WASHINGTON The U.S. Department of Defense will be hard-pressed to respond in any meaningful way

  8. Taiwan exploring military pact with India?

    ... the attention of the United States. With the threat of China once again a U.S. priority, Taiwan's ... caused China and Taiwan to drop off the U.S. radar of importance. This is a major change from the early ... and integration into the World Trade Organization. The reduced threat from China has left Taiwan without

  9. Moscow threatens supply line for U.S. troops

    ... follow through with their threat to cut off the NDN supply route, all supplies to U.S. and coalition ... . Latest U.S. missile WASHINGTON – After Pakistan shut down the vital ... Bulletin. As it is, the U.S. sends about half of the supplies now through the NDN

  10. China leans on GOP?

    ... . It called China a strategic competitor -- not a partner -- and urged "timely'' U.S. arms sales to Taiwan ... Secret GOP struggle Pentagon officials were puzzled by the presence of a well-known ... , was working the convention as part of a delegation of Chinese officials who attended and met top defense