1. Google to include people's Gmail in search results


    ... engine and its widely used Gmail service in its latest attempt to deliver more personal responses ... the correspondence stored within a user's Gmail account for any data tied to a search request

  2. Google: No privacy for Gmail users


    ... (SFGATE) If you happen to be one of the 400 million people who use Google's Gmail service ... , a person voluntarily convey[s] numerical information to the telephone company and expose[s

  3. Election headquarters: Not D.C., but P.C.

    ... be a short delay)." But there's just one catch. Do you know what it is? Answer here. Users knew Gmail ... was broken; Gmail didn't If you use Google's Gmail, you might have been one of 4 million users who ... . Gmail really was having problems, but didn't know it until a tech writer yelled uncle. Google

  4. Social networking for pay?

    ... remember his or her name? Submit it to whatsyournameblog at gmail dot com. New sets of photos ... revenues fell by 17.7 percent in 2008, with classified ads sinking 29 percent to nearly $10 billion

  5. Arab Spring's next target: Barack Obama?

    ... it was revealed that "more than half of all parents with 12-year-olds and 1 in 5 parents of 10-year ... -olds knew their kids were using Facebook. Nearly 7 in 10 parents admitted they helped their kids ... that are "buggy." Google also released a new look for Gmail. Touted as cleaner and more modern

  6. Petraeus's Gmail activity a national-security issue


    ... account was apparently Petraeuss personal Gmail, not his official CIA e-mail, according to the Wall ... already maintain a near-constant effort to access sensitive U.S. data. If Petraeus allowed his Gmail ... of information. As the Wall Street Journal hints, investigators were concerned about Petraeuss Gmail

  7. Petraeus, lover used al-Qaida email tricks


    ... (London Telegraph) The CIA director and his biographer had a shared Gmail account and wrote some

  8. Thanks for signing up

    ... services such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo use automatic filters to block new e-mails to your inbox

  9. A coup in 140 characters or less

    ... challenges of their own, not to mention the upcoming Chi-Com problems. Online tea party caravan ... . Be there, virtually speaking! Sneak peek into Gmail If you're using Google's Gmail

  10. WND on top 34 of last 52 weeks

    ... Since WorldNetDaily first appeared on the Global100.com website exactly one year ago, it has ... either the number two, three or four spot on the chart's popularity scale. Global 100.com is the new ... name, now under European ownership, for what was WorldCharts.com. While Global100.com rates