1. Rand Paul: 'I'm not a birther'


    ... (R-Texas) eligibility to run for president, saying he was not a birther. You won't find me ... questioning his eligibility. I decided a long time ago I wasn't going to be a birther for Democrats. I'm ... not a birther for Republicans, said Paul, who is seen as a potential presidential contender, about

  2. The big question

    ... on this issue in "Romney goes 'birther' on Obama" ADD THIS POLL TO YOUR SITE (copy the code below)

  3. Governor: Scott Brown 'Bay State birther'


    ... (Politico) Republican Sen. Scott Brown has become a "Bay State birther" after his repeated attacks ... is charging. "Sen. Brown has turned into a Bay State birther, for goodness' sake," Patrick said Thursday

  4. Trump 'doubles down' on Obama-birth story

    ... Apprentice" host and birther extraordinaire continued to question the authenticity of President Obama's ... on this birther issue" after the state of Hawaii confirmed the legitimacy of Obama's birth certificate. "Why

  5. Why Romney didn't pick Rubio

    ... I think Romney kept Marco Rubio off the GOP ticket because he didn't want to raise the "birther

  6. The birthers are back


    ... (PROSPECT.ORG) — For most people, the birther conspiracycentered on the belief ... certificate to the public last April. Birther claims were always bogus, but the release of the birth

  7. Graham's 'sour grapes'

    ... Re: "Trump smacked: America won't elect 'birther' prez" Lindsey Graham is out of his element

  8. Georgia birthers challenge Obama's placement on ballot

    ... The birther crusade continued this week in Georgia, with multiple men challenging President Obama's

  9. Master manipulator

    ... 3rd term?"]. Forget the birther stuff. Joseph, with no evidence, is saying that Obama

  10. Insane birthers

    ... tells me enough about the people that are attracted to your site talking about birther obsessives! Jerrold Gilmere