1. Weiner mistress claims he wanted 3-some with man

    ... chat buddy claims. Traci Nobles, who came forward as one of the New York politician's sexting ... and another man. She claimed that he detailed his desires in an explicit chat earlier this year. Read the whole story at the New York Daily News.

  2. Experience live chat like never before

    ... WorldNetDaily today launches an advanced live chat center utilizing both voice and text ... breakthrough in live chat," said Farah. "This is not only fun to use, it is truly useful and has applications ... well beyond Net community building." The new program, always accessible through a "Live Chat

  3. Navy lifts restrictions on moms

    ... of religious discrimination on the website. As WND reported, the U.S. Navy ordered a chat group ... loved ones of sailors. Participants formed a group called "Christian Chat," but a website ... , and the Christian Chat group is free to retain its name. "Personal freedoms are extremely important

  4. Get ready for TSA 'chat-downs'


    ... when he experienced the TSA's new "chat-down" while waiting in line at airport security.

  5. Pro golfer, teacher, students busted in child-sex sting


    ... . Undercover detectives posed as children, or as parents or guardians, to chat online with the suspects, who

  6. White House press jester and his pack of fools


    ... as promising this week in a chat session on Reddit. No, its not the Fast and Furious documents

  7. GOP congressman boycotts president's speech


    ... it on television and participate in a live chat hosted by Heritage Action for America. Congressman Lamborn does

  8. Year-long investigation snags 112 for online child porn

    ... sex offenders operating on different Internet chat channels. Read the whole story at the London Daily Mail.

  9. China mocks Kerry as 'naive' on Internet freedom

    A map of China is seen through a magnifying glass on a computer screen showing binary digits in Singapore

    ... bloggers had not touched upon Edward Snowden. During an approximately 40-minute chat with bloggers

  10. Coming soon: Wiretapping VoIP on the Web


    ... record' conversations on internet chat services like Skype in real time. Until now, so called voice