1. 12 little-known facts about Declaration of Independence

    ... the Declaration of Independence. They were: 1) Benjamin Franklin wrote the first declaration ... of independence. 2) Thomas Jefferson had problems with the adopted version of the Declaration ... of Independence written primarily by him. 3) The Declaration of Independence wasn't signed on July 4

  2. Year of the Bible called 'unlawful'


    ... on Monday, challenging the constitutionality of the Pennsylvania Houses declaration that 2012 ... is The Year of the Bible." "The plaintiff seeks a declaration under 28 USC 2201 that the Year

  3. Grand ayatollah: All Christian women may be raped


    ... (Frontpage Magazine) This is being reported a Syrian rebel declaration, but Ahmad Al Baghdadi Al ... . Grand Ayatollah Ahmad Al Baghdadi Al Hassani's declaration that Christians are polytheists

  4. Syria hands over chemical weapons details to watchdog


    ... declaration" outlining its programme. It will not release the details of the declaration and is now seeking

  5. Today's American Minute

    ... Pennsylvania. The Continental Congress met there, the Declaration of Independence was signed ... seat, shall make ... the following declaration ... 'I do believe in one God, the Creator

  6. The key to political happiness

    ... I talk a lot about the Declaration of Independence, and what I call America’s ... "Declaration principles." When I do so, I am not just pushing rhetorical buttons. I believe that the survival ... of -- and a reverence for -- the Declaration among our people. The American way of life is perhaps best described

  7. America's great religious document

    ... sure that they also appreciate our other essential founding document, the Declaration of Independence ... almanac on their bookshelves) and celebrate the holiday by reading the great declaration ... . The Declaration of Independence is the official and unequivocal recognition by the American people of our

  8. Looking ahead

    ... of American liberty. And I have founded the Declaration Foundation, a non-profit educational organization ... the Declaration poses to us is something that is greater than politics. The Declaration Foundation ... , a claim enshrined in the Declaration but nearly forgotten today. If we don't soon remember and renew

  9. Why Obama's editing out God

    ... With Barack Obama twice recently editing out of the Declaration of Independence the word "Creator ... in its entirety. The most familiar passage of the Declaration is the part that says: "We hold ... been focused on the importance of the Declaration of Independence like a laser beam

  10. Cease fire! Sriracha war is over


    ... a public nuisance declaration and lawsuit against Huy Fong Foods, makers of Sriracha (suhr-AH'-chuh) hot sauce.