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  5. Is your child facing indoctrination at school?

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  6. Speaking 'veritas' to Harvard

    ... Alwaleed bin Talal – the same Alwaleed whose $10 million gift to New York after 9/11 ... . Whatever the cause, lately Harvard is bursting with Shariah-related speakers, forums ... has held seven previous forums on Shariah-compliant finance at Harvard. The next one will take place

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  9. What should the new Congress do?

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  10. 'Airline' mag shows how to make chloroform


    ... on jihadi forums. A report from the Middle East Media Research Institute notes that Al-Bajadin's ... real identity is unknown. MEMRI said it discovered the new "magazine" on one of numerous forums ... it monitors, including the Shumoukh Al-Islam site, "one of the few top-tier al-Qaida forums