1. 'Tennessee Underworld' reporters on Metcalf today

    ... . Another direct result of the series on Gore is the $165 million lawsuit brought by a major Gore fund ... , having worked for years as Mike Wallace’s producer at CBS’s 60 Minutes as well ... as being a founding producer of ABC’s 20/20. Hays’ 20-part series on drug

  2. WND's candidate survey -- Round 2

    ... be, should they be elected president?" WND's first candidate survey consisted of 10 hard-hitting ... and interpretation of the Constitution. Several candidates answered voters' direct questions, though ... in the time frame you allowed us." Candidates had been given more than a month to formulate

  3. China eyes direct yuan trade with Aussie dollar


    ... , said moves were afoot to allow direct trade settlement between Australia and China, rather than ... at the Boao Forum, on Hainan, but refused to provide a time frame. There has been speculation ... that direct offshore trade settlement is high on Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's agenda on her current trip to China.

  4. WND's new strategic technical partner

    ... to the site has always proved a challenge. Farah is convinced AmericanEagle.com is the best possible ... technology by parsing a raw, live sports feed for up-to-the-second news and scores. ASP programming ... was utilized to create the individual user content while Dynamic HTML added to SportsTerminal.com's

  5. Marines to test for drunkenness on duty

    President Obama Attends Wreath Laying Ceremony At The Tomb Of The Unknowns

    ... . The random mandatory testing is called the Alcohol Screening Program (ASP).

  6. 'It's a miracle that I'm alive'


    ... ASP and World Tour events, taking second place at the ASP 2009 World Junior Championships. Her

  7. EU declareschild swings 'too tall'

    ... height for children’s swings at three meters (9 ft. 10 ins.). The three swings Luke played ... the European directive also includes other rules regulating the distance from the seats to the frame

  8. Again! 10 Christians slaughtered over alleged Muhammad cartoon

    ... . Children of murdered Christian (Courtesy Compass Direct) The 10 Christians murdered ... is capable of drawing a cartoon on a mosque," he told Compass Direct. "That is a frame-up to find ... Remains of burned Baptist church (Courtesy Compass Direct) Rampaging Muslims have

  9. Feds pay $5.8 billion to jail criminal aliens

    ... of 2001 to about 49,000 at the end of last year. The direct federal costs during the study's ... time frame were estimated to be $4.2 billion, with federal reimbursements to state and local ... across the nation was $10 billion. The figure was derived from subtracting taxes paid by illegals

  10. Wal-Mart concedes to Civil War preservationists

    ... clash known as the "Battle of the Wilderness." The site about 10 miles west of Chancellorsville, Va ... "Battle of the Wilderness" is over, at least for now. Major U. S. retailer Wal-Mart says ... it is no longer seeking a permit to build a Super Center on a site adjacent to the site of the 1864 Civil War