1. Pelosi: Girl Scouts-Planned Parenthood relationship 'very valuable'


    ... with the Girl Scouts of America is very valuable, Wednesday, at a congressional reception to commemorate ... at the reception with a group of female government leaders to promote the Girl Scout's new initiative "To Get

  2. Brit girl scouts replace 'God' with myself in oath


    ... (Breitbart) On Wednesday, Great Britain's Girl Guides (their equivalent of U.S. Girl Scouts

  3. Huge endorsement for American Heritage Girls

    American Heritage Girls

    ... as an alternative to Girl Scouts. Garibay signed a one-page memorandum of understanding with LCMS ... of the original Girl Scouts organization, including recently when officials with the Girl Scouts ... with the Girl Scouts Garibay spent more than a decade as a leader in the Girl Scouts before founding AHG

  4. Boy Scouts at the 9th Circuit

    ... in such partnerships with the City of San Diego include the Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs ... The Boy Scouts of America will square off against the American Civil Liberties Union on Valentine's ... as a loving bench anyhow. At issue is the Boy Scouts' stewardship of property belonging to the City

  5. Girl Scout cookie fight surges


    ... . It's effectiveness already has been demonstrated by threatening letters sent by the Girl Scouts ... the connections. For example, in an interview with NBC in 2004, Kathy Cloninger, CEO of the Girl Scouts, admitted ... storm (traditional and social) over Girl Scouts pro-abortion and liberal leanings." He said

  6. Why not Gay Scouts of America?

    ... Why don't homosexuals have their own scouts with gay leaders and gay scouts, instead of pushing ... to force the Boy Scouts into including homosexual scouts? They can still call themselves Boy Scouts. Steve Forst

  7. Girl Scouts' birthday – but nothing to celebrate

    ... Wisdom and respect are the normal benefits of the aging process. Not so with the Girl Scouts USA ... ! As the Girl Scouts turn 97 today, there is not much to celebrate. Membership is down. Cookie sales ... been formed with Planned Parenthood, and the Girl Scouts have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with gun

  8. Girl Scouts challenged to repudiate abortion leader

    ... Planned Parenthood brochure made available to Girl Scouts The leader of Family Watch ... of the family, is challenging the Girl Scouts to abandon links with Planned Parenthood, the nation's ... largest abortion industry player. "I believe the only way to clean up the Girl Scouts is for GSUSA

  9. Impeach Judge Napoleon Jones!

    ... , and the Girl Scouts are among dozens of non-profit organizations that hold leases for parkland ... Jones ruled on Wednesday that the Boy Scouts of America must leave their aquatics center on San ... Diego's Fiesta Island in which the Scouts have invested millions of dollars since 1987. Jones says

  10. WHAT!? A boycott of Girl Scout cookies?


    ... -abortion agenda of the historic girls' organization. "The Girl Scouts was once a trusted organization ... to our daughters and granddaughters," she said. WND has documented the links between the Girl Scouts ... Kathy Cloning, CEO of the Girl Scouts, admitted the group "partners with Planned Parenthood across