1. Scout decision appealed to U.S. Supreme Court

    ... , Calif., marina by the Boy Scouts of America is being appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Pacific ... of the city's marina, it prohibits the Berkeley Sea Scouts from participating in this program, because the Sea ... Scouts are affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, which officially excludes avowed homosexuals

  2. Political correctness and Scouting

    ... all homosexuals are predators? No. But some are. That's why the Girl Scouts don't allow men ... Steven Spielberg has announced he is leaving his post on the advisory board of the Boy Scouts ... . Firstly, what is "discrimination"? Let's face it, the very name Boy Scouts suggests discrimination

  3. National calamities to come

    ... . What's next, merging with the Girl Scouts? Co-ed campouts? Think about it. A young Scout ... heard: that the Boy Scouts of America had OK'd membership to openly gay youths. Sadly, he was right

  4. Alternative to Boy Scouts unveiled in Nashville


    ... to the Girl Scouts of America, American Heritage Girls. The Assemblies of God and the Southern ... In response to the historic vote last spring by the Boy Scouts of America's National Council ... Baptist Convention are among the church denominations that already have formed their own Scouts-like

  5. Scouts targeted in San Diego

    ... For All plans to march and rally at a Boy Scout camp Oct. 9. Beside demanding the Boy Scouts ... the Boy Scouts of America to serve and include as participating members all youth and adult leaders ... demonstrators equate Scouts, Klan In previous protests, the group has equated the Boy Scouts

  6. Planned Parenthood gives kids 'porn' book

    ... professor, led a successful boycott of the Bluebonnet Council of the Girl Scouts in Waco because of its ... , that included the Girl Scouts logo and chapters on masturbation and homosexuality, to young girls ... their girls from the Scouts, leading to the closure of several troops and a decision by the council

  7. L.A. Times shuts out Scouts

    ... After years of supporting the Boy Scouts' "Campership Program" – which enables needy ... Scouts to attend summer camp by underwriting part of the costs – The Los Angeles Times ... is for the first time turning down the Scouts' application for The Los Angeles Times' annual Family Fund

  8. Boy scouts, gay lobby and compromises

    ... because the Girl Scouts exclude them. The rights of Presbyterians are not violated because Catholics ... In the struggle over whether the Boy Scouts should be forced to accept gay activists as Scout ... to serve customers they would otherwise not allow in the door, and the Boy Scouts are told they must bow

  9. High court to tackle Scouts 'discrimination'?

    ... The U.S. Supreme Court is being asked to consider Connecticut's decision to remove the Boy Scouts ... excluded the Boy Scouts from a state charitable campaign in which the organization had participated ... deductions from state employees. But state officials denied the Boy Scouts access to the program

  10. 'Be prepared': 'Gay' men with Boy Scouts in tents


    ... confused girls. Earlier this month the Girl Scouts of America similarly announced that it will allow ... I said it was coming. Many of us did. Two years ago this week the Boy Scouts of America voted ... thereafter I warned, "In so doing, the [Boy Scouts of America (BSA)] effectively waived the only legal