1. Boy Scouts' policy tests loyalty of members


    ... (WASHINGTON TIMES) ForDennis Ebersole, the fallout from the Boy Scouts ofAmerica'sdecision ... to change a century of policy and allow openly gay Scouts to participate wasnt long in coming. Within 12 ... involved with the Boy Scouts of America his whole life. He was a BoyScout, and hismotherserved

  2. Romney backs 'gays' in Boy Scouts


    ... Obama that of urging the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to accept gay scouts. Mr. Romney said in 1994 ... that while it was up to BSA to set its own policy, he thought the scouts should allow gay boys ... of the Boy Scouts of America to decide what it wants to do on that issue. I feel that all people should

  3. 'Radical homosexuals' want to coerce compliance

    ... A decision by the city of Berkeley, Calif., to deprive the Sea Scouts of a traditional benefit ... Law Center has filed a legal brief in support of the Sea Scouts, who are affiliated with the Boy ... Scouts of America, a group that already has been before the Supreme Court where its right to limit

  4. Girl power

    ... . I was reminded of the power one person can have last Friday night at a Girl Scouts Gold Award ... honor earned by a Girl Scout, just as Eagle Scout is for the Boy Scouts. The Gold Award is earned ... the precious few natural lands that still exist around the city. Several Girl Scouts

  5. The Boy Scouts of America need our help!

    ... Sen. Jesse Helms is attempting to protect the Boy Scouts of America from overzealous school ... officials who would ban the Scouts from meeting in their classrooms. This week, the U.S. House ... federal funding to public schools that deny access of facilities to the Boy Scouts of America. Now

  6. Comparing Boy Scouts with Hezbollah Scouts

    ... Are the Boy Scouts of America "permeated with discrimination"? They are, according to Oregon ACLU ... argument at the Oregon Supreme Court that it was unconstitutional for the Boy Scouts to recruit ... in Portland public schools. Mr. Fidanique himself is determined to discriminate against the Scouts

  7. Rape of a sacred trust

    ... of pedophilia, homosexuality and the Boy Scouts of America in the October edition of WND's sister publication ... . In one of the major cultural battlefronts of the year, the Boy Scouts of America has taken the legal ... they "lead." Greg Shields, Boy Scouts of America's national spokesman, says homosexuals cannot serve

  8. Boy Scout zealots at Camp Balboa?

    ... Three years ago, a local atheist couple and an agnostic couple became offended by the Boy Scouts ... Court. Today, the Boy Scouts are at risk of being kicked out of Balboa Park after nearly 90 years ... decision in the case by stating that a government endorsement of the Boy Scouts is an endorsement

  9. 'Scouting is nothing less than applied Christianity'

    Sir Robert Baden-Powell, at right

    ... later, the Boys Scouts of America was incorporated, Feb. 8, 1910. Robert Baden-Powell ... -Powell found the Girl Guides in 1910. Discover more of Bill Federer's eye-opening books ... " "The Wolf Cub's Handbook" "Girl Guiding" "Rovering to Success" "Scouting and Youth Movements

  10. Here's the next assault on the Boy Scouts ...


    ... on the Boy Scouts of America over the organization's long-standing policy of not allowing people in same ... the Boy Scouts will do the right thing and just change [the policy]." The Scouts, however, have ... Court ruled that the Boy Scouts of America, a private organization, had the right to enforce