1. 'Radical homosexuals' want to coerce compliance

    ... A decision by the city of Berkeley, Calif., to deprive the Sea Scouts of a traditional benefit ... Law Center has filed a legal brief in support of the Sea Scouts, who are affiliated with the Boy ... Scouts of America, a group that already has been before the Supreme Court where its right to limit

  2. The Boy Scouts of America need our help!

    ... Sen. Jesse Helms is attempting to protect the Boy Scouts of America from overzealous school ... officials who would ban the Scouts from meeting in their classrooms. This week, the U.S. House ... federal funding to public schools that deny access of facilities to the Boy Scouts of America. Now

  3. Grandmotherly Ginsburg: Stalwart of the fringe

    ... . Criticizing the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. According to Ginsburg, "The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, while ... find it necessary to besmirch the saintly work of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts? Pornographer Larry

  4. Comparing Boy Scouts with Hezbollah Scouts

    ... Are the Boy Scouts of America "permeated with discrimination"? They are, according to Oregon ACLU ... argument at the Oregon Supreme Court that it was unconstitutional for the Boy Scouts to recruit ... in Portland public schools. Mr. Fidanique himself is determined to discriminate against the Scouts

  5. Rape of a sacred trust

    ... of pedophilia, homosexuality and the Boy Scouts of America in the October edition of WND's sister publication ... . In one of the major cultural battlefronts of the year, the Boy Scouts of America has taken the legal ... they "lead." Greg Shields, Boy Scouts of America's national spokesman, says homosexuals cannot serve

  6. Gibbs jokes about Boy Scouts' fight for survival

    ... in response to a question about the president's opinion on how Boy Scouts in New York are fighting ... . "As the honorary president of the Boy Scouts of America," Kinsolving asked, "what ... is the president's reaction to the New York Post report that because the Scouts have a policy similar to our armed

  7. Suspicious Sea Scouts in Berkeley

    ... are the Boy Scouts of America, who recognize God and teach moral principles. As the sun sets over ... Hornblower. The Sea Scouts, an affiliate of the Boy Scouts of America, have a boat there, too ... six decades, the Sea Scouts were allowed to moor boats at the Berkeley Marina without cost. By 1998

  8. Boy Scouts' banishment threatens Catholic Church

    ... The headquarters building for the Cradle of Liberty Boy Scouts in Philadelphia Pro ... -homosexual Philadelphia officials' campaign to evict the Boy Scouts of America from their long-held ... . The issue: The City Council has decided the Boy Scouts, because they prohibit participation by open

  9. Boy Scout zealots at Camp Balboa?

    ... Three years ago, a local atheist couple and an agnostic couple became offended by the Boy Scouts ... Court. Today, the Boy Scouts are at risk of being kicked out of Balboa Park after nearly 90 years ... decision in the case by stating that a government endorsement of the Boy Scouts is an endorsement

  10. BSA: Murdered

    ... I have only one thing to say concerning the Boy Scouts and the decision to allow gays to enter. YOU ... JUST MURDERED THE SCOUTS! I suppose the Cub Scouts are facing the same downfall. May as well go ... decision. I have three grandsons approaching the age to become Scouts, but now I will not allow them