1. Quit the bickering

    ... Neither Mark Biltz or John Hagee could have known about the blood moons had not the Holy Spirit ... this. God obviously wanted the information to come forward to common knowledge, and neither Biltz nor ... Christian. The Lord deserves better than selfish pride from Biltz, Hagee and you! Shame on you for keeping the fight going. Judy Davis

  2. Find out why Feast of Tabernacles is not just for Jews

    ... of the Lord" will give you something else to think about. Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries ... of the video series. "I think most people who view these teachings by Pastor Mark Biltz will be stunned ... , Biltz says, were not intended only for the children of Israel. They are, the Bible says, "the feasts

  3. 6 times on TV! 'Blood Moons' author explains heavenly signs


    ... Pastor Mark Biltz, whose new book "Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs" soon ... ="9kcGNpazqgUnB45s9BynFZs5qQ2a1wff"] Media wishing to interview Mark Biltz about "Blood Moons," please ... , and continuing for an unprecedented six days. Biltz is scheduled to be on the program for nearly a week

  4. Learn the Hebrew roots of Thanksgiving

    ... and exhaustive teaching series by Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries in Washington state ... who view these teachings by Pastor Mark Biltz will be stunned by what they learn about the meaning ... on the biblical feasts as outlined in Leviticus by Moses. The spring and fall feasts, Biltz says, were

  5. BLOOD MOONS: What's coming in 2015?

    ... Superstore's Mark Biltz page! See a store full of Sid Roth's work, including, "They Thought ... feasts, something significant has happened to change the whole world." Sid Roth interviews Mark ... Biltz, the man who wrote the book "Blood Moons" and the one man who may best know what changes God has

  6. Pastor charges Christians are on wrong calendar

    Clock calendar

    ... at plucking time because they don't know what time it is," said Pastor Mark Biltz during a recent ... ; and the exciting clues to what awaits at the end of days in "God's Day Timer" by Mark Biltz, available ... appearance on Stand for Truth Radio with Susan Knowles. Biltz, the founder of El Shaddai Ministries

  7. The blood-moons wars


    ... of meeting Mark Biltz at the CFI event in his church in 2012 in a way that was shockingly similar ... to their meeting. In fact, Mark Biltz had become known alternately as "the blood moons pastor" and "Blood ... and honorable way to do the right thing for Mark Biltz, his book, his movie and his reputation. We both

  8. Don't blame eclipses on Obama


    ... named Mark Biltz told WND that the recently witnessed blood moon – in which Earth’s ... , as is Mark Biltz, and this year, there’s a whole new explanation. Biltz, reliably, tied

  9. Eye-popping prediction on start of Great Tribulation


    ... [caption id="attachment_1233355" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Pastor Mark Biltz[/caption ... with the idea that the great biblical Tribulation is about to begin. But Mark Biltz, the man who ... according to the biblical calendar," Biltz explained. He suggests the Tribulation can't just

  10. Movie reveals 'prophetic keys' to end times


    ... times. Mark Biltz, the man who discovered the "Blood Moons" phenomenon which captivated the nation ... to what awaits at the end of days in "God's Day Timer" by Mark Biltz, available now in the WND ... the book and film and said, "Nobody explains the feasts better than Mark Biltz!" Biltz said