1. Stealing America's vote

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  2. Europe, Brazil plan undersea cable to skirt U.S. spying


    ... the $185 million cable project was central to "guarantee the neutrality" of the Internet, signaling her ... a joint news conference with the presidents of the European Commission and the European Council.

  3. Stealing America's vote

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  4. Immigration records missing for week of Obama's birth


    ... Dunham. Arpaio's team looked at databases in the National Archives and Records Administration ... at New York City's Idlewild Airport. One complication was that the National Archives and Records ... and made available for examination at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Read the preliminary

  5. WND's new strategic technical partner

    ... technology by parsing a raw, live sports feed for up-to-the-second news and scores. ASP programming

  6. Marines to test for drunkenness on duty

    President Obama Attends Wreath Laying Ceremony At The Tomb Of The Unknowns

    ... . The random mandatory testing is called the Alcohol Screening Program (ASP).

  7. 'It's a miracle that I'm alive'


    ... ASP and World Tour events, taking second place at the ASP 2009 World Junior Championships. Her

  8. Arpaio investigation: Obama might be Kenyan


    ... of the month of August 1961, and took a researcher to the National Archives in Washington, D.C., where ... the news conference of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "Cold Case Posse," you can view it here. It is the records ... on foreign files in 1961 have been found in the National Archives only recently; consequently

  9. This day in WND History: June 24


    ... Sandy Berger, who admitted to taking classified terrorism documents from the National Archives, also ... Archives along with classified documents that officials say may paint the Clinton administration's handling ... wrongdoing. "Last year, when I was in the archives reviewing documents, I made an honest mistake

  10. Subpoena sparks burning question

    ... WASHINGTON -- Independent Counsel Robert Ray's subpoena to the National Archives ... is unrelated to recent back-to-back fires at an archives facility in Maryland, a National Archives ... both blazes to be arson. An archives employee, working as an "aide" since 1994, was charged