1. No ID, no goodies

    ... I just got my new issue of Whistleblower magazine. In Mr Farah's very good article on Page 4, he ... lists some things you can't do without ID. I would like to add another: You can't sign up ... for government assistance (food stamps, HUD housing, etc.) without ID. Steven Purcell

  2. South Koreans numb to N. Korea's aggressions


    ... response of concern. In an interesting article, Le Monde dedicated a full page on evaluating the North ... Korean threat and responses in the South. The article quoted a Cho Ji-hoon, a 28-year-old ... employee of an automotive parts company, as saying that talks of war have been around for decades and that it will blow by in time. [poll id="481"]

  3. Media silence is deafening

    ... Re: "Ex-communist nations expose Obama 'fraud': Excellent article. It is amazing how ... the mainstream media, even Fox News, is silent about this. That's why I rely on sources like WND and real journalists like you, for the news. Thanks! Tim O'Rourke

  4. Rooting out the traffickers

    ... article and every news story is helping to expose and build awareness of this epidemic. I have two ... Drew, I read your article, "Taking the war to the sex traffickers." Thank you for this. Every

  5. Children's magazine sued for Molotov cocktail guide


    ... (Israel National News) A Tunisian children's magazine titled "Qaws Qouzah," meaning "Rainbow ... cocktails. The Tunisian Ministry for Women and Family Affairs expressed concern that the article poses ... or terrorism," Bloomberg reported. The article, which was published in the section "Knowledge

  6. 'I wish my mother had aborted me'


    ... (LIFE NEWS) English writer Lynn Beisner is drawing gasps from readers across the world today over ... , Beisner writes: This is no I wish Id never been born howl of angst. I love my mother, and having ... conclusion, Beisner takes her frustration about pro-lifers outin her article: "If there is one thing


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  8. WND apologizes to Fox's Megyn Kelly


    ... Yesterday, WND posted a story involving Fox News "America Live" anchor Megyn Kelly that incorrectly ... sincerely apologizes to Ms. Kelly and has deleted the article from our archives. We also thank the many ... readers who took the time to point out the problems with the article.

  9. Questions Megyn Kelly must answer

    ... I have a question for Megyn Kelly, a Fox News program host. Ms. Kelly, why did you rush to call ... the Plumber calling him a racist for an article [you] wanted the public to believe he had written ... is only slightly lighter than am I." Ms. Kelly, you sat there on your prime-time news program

  10. Don't let your vote be canceled by fraud


    ... for weeks with news of the recounting of votes in the 2008 election for U.S. Senate. Al Franken ... . That is reason enough for the U.S. Senate to use its constitutional power in Article I, Section 5, to unseat ... . At the top of their list should be a photo ID law if they are not among the 17 states that already