1. Media silence is deafening

    ... Re: "Ex-communist nations expose Obama 'fraud': Excellent article. It is amazing how ... the mainstream media, even Fox News, is silent about this. That's why I rely on sources like WND and real journalists like you, for the news. Thanks! Tim O'Rourke

  2. Children's magazine sued for Molotov cocktail guide


    ... (Israel National News) A Tunisian children's magazine titled "Qaws Qouzah," meaning "Rainbow ... cocktails. The Tunisian Ministry for Women and Family Affairs expressed concern that the article poses ... or terrorism," Bloomberg reported. The article, which was published in the section "Knowledge

  3. Rooting out the traffickers

    ... article and every news story is helping to expose and build awareness of this epidemic. I have two ... Drew, I read your article, "Taking the war to the sex traffickers." Thank you for this. Every

  4. Mitt and Mormonism


    ... article in the latest issue of US News (9/27/2012) notes that some political phone calls have raised ... the Mormon issue. The article refers to Deal Hudson, "the president of the Pennsylvania Catholics

  5. Send this page to a friend!

    ... Beginning today, WorldNetDaily adds two new reader-friendly features to original news ... " and "Printer-Friendly Version" buttons are found near the bottom of every original WorldNetDaily news ... , feature and commentary article. The addition of these features is the result of thousands

  6. WND apologizes to Fox's Megyn Kelly


    ... Yesterday, WND posted a story involving Fox News "America Live" anchor Megyn Kelly that incorrectly ... sincerely apologizes to Ms. Kelly and has deleted the article from our archives. We also thank the many ... readers who took the time to point out the problems with the article.

  7. Stop attacking Fox News!

    ... . Prior to the release of the article, I asked Fox News repeatedly over the course of two weeks ... about it. Unfortunately, many used my article to claim Fox News paid the ransom &ndash ... believe Fox News paid any money or knew any money was paid. As outlined in my article, the indications

  8. Huffington flayed over anti-Catholic column


    ... (FOX NEWS) A group of socially conservative leaders is demanding Huffington Post publisher Arianna ... and obtained first by FoxNews.com, the group -- never fans of the online news site -- writes that the website ... , recently purchased by AOL, is "complicit in bigotry" for publishing columnist Larry Doyle's article about Rick Santorum's Catholic faith.

  9. Vatican weighs in on 'Jesus' wife'

    A papyrus fragment suggests Jesus was married. (Courtesy professor Karen King)

    ... (ABC News) Reports that a 4th century papyrus suggested that Jesus was married have been rendered ... today in an article titled "At any rate, a fake." Authors, Alberto Camplani, Coptic scholar ... authenticity and the lack of archaeological attribution upon purchase, according to the AP. The article

  10. New York Times yanks Weiner story


    ... ' N.Y. Times takes down Weiner story A Google News search shows the now-removed article about ... (POLITICO) The New York Times inadvertently posted an article on the women involved in Anthony ... dirty to me, they joke. We know you like it. Colleagues still refuse to speak with her, Barbaro wrote, according to a Google News search.