1. Here's the solution

    ... The solution for Obamacare and America: repeal and resign. R.B. Cox

  2. Airline spoofs Obamacare: 'Our website actually works!'


    ... (GatewayPundit) ObamaCare is so unpopular that at least one company, Spirit Airlines, feels ... comfortable using the ObamaCare disaster as a marketing punchline. [poll id="933"]

  3. Rove warns Republicans: Stop attacking health act

    GOP strategist Karl Rove

    ... (Wizbang) By nearly every metric, Democrats are finding that Obamacare is a millstone around ... to stop attacking Obamacare? What is he thinking? Yet, even as Rove says Republicans shouldnt ... Attack Obamacare, elections statistician Larry Sabato Says Obamacare is killing Democrats. What is Karl

  4. Schumer: Obamacare will cause insurance rates to explode

    ... Schumer: Health Insurance Rates Could Go Through the Roof Because of Obamacare

  5. GOP health plan is another government fraud

    ... , only the appearance of it. The GOP American Healthcare Act is purely another Obamacare lite plan ... . The first Obamacare was pure socialism, disguised and packaged as "government-run health care ... ." Obamacare lite still contains socialism. It is government-run health care run amok, like the first

  6. Report card for Obama


    ... On The Glazov Gang:The grades are in for ObamaCare and the administrations handling of the economy

  7. It's about control, not care

    ... In the current debate on Obamacare, the Democrats would have us believe it's about "caring ... in "uncaring." Democrats have fine-tuned hypocrisy into an art form. Obamacare is about control, not caring ... . Obamacare gives bureaucrats everyone's medical records, the key to everything personal, critical

  8. Pence: 'Obamacare nightmare about to end'

    obamacare-signing (2)

    ... that Obamacare is on its way out. “Let me assure you,” Pence said at the annual ... Conservative Action Political Conference, or CPAC, “America’s Obamacare nightmare is about ... to end.” As plans to repeal and replace Obamacare remain in limbo, Pence made the issue

  9. Let's join Dr. Dobson

    ... Thank God for Dr. Dobson! ["Dobson to prez: I won't bow to 'wicked' Obamacare"] I just hope thousands more will join him. Dorothy Grappo

  10. Dems distance themselves from Obamacare architect

    Jonathan Gruber

    ... to Obamacare by ruling that participants in healthcare exchanges administered by the federal ... emerged which question Jonathan Gruber, an MIT economist and chief architect of Obamacare, and his ... opinions on whether the intent of Obamacare was that subsidies should only be available for state-run