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  2. 'Tennessee Underworld' reporters on Metcalf today

    ... on WorldNetDaily's streaming page -- TalkNetDaily -- from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific time (7 p.m. to 10 ... , having worked for years as Mike Wallace’s producer at CBS’s 60 Minutes as well ... as being a founding producer of ABC’s 20/20. Hays’ 20-part series on drug

  3. GOP amnesty supporters: What are you smoking?

    ... to the bill has increased. Let me count the ways. Proponents tell us we have an immigration ... , with the estimated net cost to taxpayers exceeding $50 billion. This bill would entitle many of them ... to substantially more benefits. Also, the new spending of the bill probably would not be offset in the budget

  4. Paula Deen closes restaurant in wake of lawsuit


    ... and Facebook page. “Thank you for 10 great years,” the written comment stated, “Uncle ... Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House announced its closing Thursday morning on its website ... Bubba’s is now closed.” The Whitemarsh Island restaurant is co-owned by Paula Deen

  5. Premiums for young, healthy to jump in 45 states


    ... under Obamacare because the law relies on the money they pay into the system to offset the cost ... to the Heritage Foundation's Center for Data Analysis. Virginians under the age of 50 will see

  6. Obama spending helps economy in Kenya!


    ... to $50 million in U.S. Navy-coordinated military construction projects at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti ... . The USAID country page for Kenya indicates USAID support for microenterprises through Development Credit ... Authority loan guarantees to microfinance institutions. The USAID Kenya country page features

  7. What if the NBA had quotas?

    ... at the top 1 percent of his high school class. On his SATs, he received a perfect 2400, and totaled 2390 (10 ... spoken at home. Inquires about his race, said Li, "[S]eemed very irrelevant to me, if not offensive ... of 1400 (out of a possible 1600 for the test in use at that time). This made the Asian median 50

  8. Corsi rebuts Obama's 'Unfit for Publication'

    ... of "The Obama Nation." On page 50, I note that "Dreams" opens not with a dedication page ... of God. My whole point is the question I ask at the end of this paragraph on page 50 of "The Obama ... as an important force in his father’s life." [page 58] "Reality" "Lolo Was a Nominal Muslim

  9. U.S. expected to impose sanctions on Russia


    ... (NEW YORK TIMES) KIEV, Ukraine — In a demonstration of support for Ukraine’s fledgling ... on Tuesday. The purpose of the loan guarantee is to support Ukraine’s efforts to integrate ... with the West and to help offset the reduction of energy subsidies from Russia, which has challenged

  10. Pondering Walmart's patriotic pledge


    ... with the announcement that it will stock its shelves with $50 billion of American-made merchandise over ... . First of all, Walmart won't need any increase in consumer traffic to sell those $50 billion ... of American-made goods over the next 10 years, and they won't need new customers to keep the 100,000 newly