1. Don't let the door hit you

    ... Re: "White House responds to secession petitions" To those individuals who want to secede: Don't

  2. Petition: Classify Westboro church as hate group


    ... (LiveScience) More than 475,000 people have signed petitions asking the White House to crack down ... 14 in which 20 young children and six adults were killed. Five petitions posted on the White House

  3. What seceding from the U.S. will cost you


    ... this week confirmed that residents in all fifty states had submitted petitions asking to leave ... or intern will now have to take a look at their petitions. The news comes 150 years after the Civil

  4. 1.4 million petitionsto flood U.S. Senate

    ... Three organizations will team up tomorrow to deliver 1.4 million petitions supporting traditional ... and Justice will hand over the petitions to a group of senators on Capitol Hill tomorrow morning.The ... can save marriage as we know it. These 1.4 million petitions are solid evidence that Americans care

  5. The Facebook divorces

    ... divorce petitions that contained the word 'Facebook' in the past two years. Read the whole story at the London Daily Mail.

  6. Throw all the bums out!

    ... Re: "White House responds to secession petitions" It's about time we take this country back

  7. Welcome to modern-day 'Speakers' Corner'

    ... , Whitehouse.gov has an area of its site for petitions. It calls that part of the site "We the People."  ... in 30 days. So, what kinds of petitions have made it? The results may surprise you! One ... of the past petitions on the site was for the White House beer recipe. The response to the petition does

  8. This day in WND History: Aug. 4


    ... more than 611,000 signatures on petitions to call for a vote of Florida people. The goal ... Allen and other officers ordered them to stop accepting names and physically removed the petitions

  9. California chief justice urges reevaluating death penalty

    ... she took the helm of the state's judiciary and at a time when petitions are being gathered

  10. WhiteHouse.gov petition: Give Alaska back to Russia


    ... Hancocks to the petition. Rules dictate petitions with 100,000 or more signatures get an official response