1. Polls wrong favored Dems by significant margin


    ... (Reason) In the runup to the election, a number of election analysts noted that, despite polls ... that the polls were wrong, systematically biased toward the GOP. In The New Republic, for example ... Republicans have the advantage in polls, Democrats' track record of outperforming polls works in the other

  2. Live results map for 2014 elections


    ... Americans have gone to the polls, and results are now coming in. A state-by-state map of results

  3. Obama's polls collapsing all over the place


    ... (BUSINESS INSIDER) Both national and swing-state polls are beginning to tighten ... debate on Wednesday. Polls that track both national and swing state voting have shown nothing but bad ... news for the president over the last couple of days. Here's a sampling of the national polls ...

  4. Clinton's 'run-out-the-clock' strategy under fire


    ... on the trail and tightening polls show an increasingly competitive presidential race ... that Clinton believes she can run out the clock against Trump, who fell in the polls after a disastrous stretch ... rebounded in some national and battleground polls taken in late August.

  5. CBS poll: GOP has huge turnout edge over Dems


    ... the election winner is that most of the polls they're basing their predictions on are wildly inflating ... Democrat turnout. The overwhelming majority of media polls are an assuming an electorate ... that is at least as Democrat as the one in 2008, with many polls assuming a higher Democrat turnout. This is just

  6. Polls underestimate fervor of Santorum supporters


    ... (BOSTON GLOBE) Of nine polls conducted in Alabama this month, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick ... Santorum led in just one. Polls put Santorum in third place in Mississippi. When the two states held ... ? It appears that the intensity of support for Rick Santorum was higher than was picked up in the polls

  7. Pat Caddell rips Reuters' back-rigging polls for Clinton

    ... polls and then went back and reconfigured previously released polls to present different results ... with a reinterpretation of the “Neither” responses in those polls. “This comes

  8. AP: Cain's campaign all but over

    ... but over. His standing in polls is cratering. Supporters are wavering if not fleeing. Fundraising is suffering. Read the whole story at Associated Press

  9. Dems should panic if polls still look like this in week

    ... (FiveThirtyEight) Hillary Clinton's lead in the polls has been declining for several weeks, and now ... we're at the point where it's not much of a lead at all. National polls show Clinton only 1 or 2 ... better for her. On Thursday alone, polls were released showing Clinton behind in Ohio, Iowa

  10. Trump trifecta: Donald tops in Florida, N.J., New Hampshire

    Donald Trump

    ... (THE HILL) GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is the leader in three new statewide polls in New ... Hampshire, Florida and New Jersey that were released on Wednesday. Heres a look at the three polls