1. Tea party looks for strength in numbers

    ... With polls showing the movement's popularity sagging, tea party members from across the country

  2. Alternative candidate hopes to oppose 'Obamney'


    ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Veu6Fzhic3M (YouTube) Numerous polls show that more than fifty

  3. Watch live: MSNBC Democrat debate

    Hillary Clinton is hurting in the election, as Bernie Sanders us soaring.

    ... (MSNBC) Five days before Granite State voters head to the polls, former Secretary of State Hillary

  4. Trump and the American Dream

    President-elect Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

    ... (CarolineGlick.com) -- According to most polls taken since last month’s party conventions ... and Trump, a seasoned entertainer excels in these formats. Second, recent polls indicate ... in the polls, in two polls taken this week, her lead had contracted to a mere 1-3 points. Third

  5. Pot initiatives could keep Senate Democratic


    ... to the polls and help Reid keep his leadership position and the Senate in Democratic hands ... . The presence of those initiatives will likely drive younger and more liberal voters to the polls, said

  6. Planned Parenthood attacks Gingrich's pro-life record

    ... has climbed in the polls. In a new blog post on its political action web site, the abortion business ... in the polls, he's catching our attention too – as a Featured Chump." Read the whole story at LifeNews

  7. Private polls: Both sides saw GOP wave coming


    ... (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) Contrary to the many public opinion polls that showed Democrats ... committees got it right, while many, though not all, of the public polls were wrong.

  8. We're becoming less, not more, conservative


    ... is not getting more conservative. In fact, if you look at lots of public opinion polls, you'll find that just ... love to jump on polls that identify Americans as conservative, without ever asking what the difference

  9. South Carolina Democratic primary – what to expect

    Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

    ... (London Telegraph) Democrats in South Carolina head to the polls on Saturday to choose between ... an uphill battle in the Palmetto State, where he has trailed consistently in the polls. He acknowledges

  10. Southern states dominate top 10 most religious


    ... (CNSNews) Gallup has released the results of their recent polls on religion in America, showing