1. We're becoming less, not more, conservative


    ... is not getting more conservative. In fact, if you look at lots of public opinion polls, you'll find that just ... love to jump on polls that identify Americans as conservative, without ever asking what the difference

  2. Exit poll panic was premature

    ... , it sent Wall Street into a tailspin. But as actual vote totals came in after the polls closed ... , it appeared the exit polls were inaccurate.The exit polls made it more difficult for television ... newscasters to project winners because of the conflicting data. Exit polls are surveys of voters leaving

  3. Polls and klunkers

    ... Journalists routinely cite public opinion polls in reporting political campaigns and other ... these rogue polls. At Rasmussen Research, we call them klunkers. What's really scary about ... changed in the race during that week. Another is one of the two polls was a klunker. A third, less

  4. Not all polls agree on Clinton

    ... ? Americans take it for granted that the polls demonstrate broad support for President Clinton in his ... is an impeachable offense. There are many polls, with many different questions and equally many ... different answers. Polls are used by political consultant to determine if their political spin

  5. WND Poll is back

    ... of chronic hacking. Some Net users were manipulating the results of our polls through technological means ... , sometimes seemingly voting hundreds of times in a short period. Rather than continue running polls ... a more secure means of conducting online polls. The new poll system, which debuted on May 14

  6. The politics of polls

    ... The primary weapon in the media's pro-Clinton campaign has been the polls. We are reminded every ... is to be invoked when convenient and suppressed when necessary. If polls are trumpeted loudly ... than cheerleading. But let's ask a more fundamental question: how much can polls about political

  7. Report of Kerry leadscares stock market

    ... that show Kerry doing well at the polls. "The only thing I can see is that the Drudge Report shows ... the preliminary exit polls showing Kerry within striking distance," Jay Suskind, director of trading ... polls showing Kerry with a one-point lead in the crucial states of Ohio and Florida have cheered

  8. The gun poll that should shut media up


    ... glommed on to flawed polls that showed upwards of 90% support for the tightening of background ... checks. Clutching these 90% polls in a kind of death-grip, the media spent day after day pushing

  9. Polls: Ryan not hurting Romney with Fla. seniors


    ... in the polls, but it doesnt appear to have scared senior voters the way Democrats hoped and some ... . Presidential candidates normally see an uptick in the polls after naming a running mate, but Romneys numbers

  10. Romney victory in Maryland primary


    ... was called for Romney as the polls closed at 8 p.m ET. In D.C., which Romney is also expected to win Tuesday ... the potential to change the course of the primary race. Polls close in Wisconsin at 9 p.m. ET. Wisconsin