1. Exit poll panic was premature

    ... , it sent Wall Street into a tailspin. But as actual vote totals came in after the polls closed ... , it appeared the exit polls were inaccurate.The exit polls made it more difficult for television ... newscasters to project winners because of the conflicting data. Exit polls are surveys of voters leaving

  2. Romney's post-debate bounce in swing states


    ... states, according to polls released Friday. A poll by We Ask America found Mr. Romney leading ... President Obama by 3 percentage points in Florida and Virginia and by 1 point in Ohio, after polls have

  3. Banks exhale as tea-party power fizzles


    ... of Tea Party challengers at the polls recently. Industry sources said the establishment wins ... back to fury about bailouts and banks, but the force that pulled the Republican Party right in recent years is finding less success at the polls recently.

  4. We're becoming less, not more, conservative


    ... is not getting more conservative. In fact, if you look at lots of public opinion polls, you'll find that just ... love to jump on polls that identify Americans as conservative, without ever asking what the difference

  5. Southern states dominate top 10 most religious


    ... (CNSNews) Gallup has released the results of their recent polls on religion in America, showing

  6. GOP shifts resources to Colorado, Nevada


    ... (ABC News) With polls showing Mitt Romney locked in tight races with President Obama in Colorado ... states on the 2012 map. The latest polls give Obama only a slight edge in both places.

  7. Adviser: Romney 'shellshocked' by loss


    ... the early exit polls that also were favorable to the president. But it wasn't until the polls

  8. U.S. Jews among most supportive of 'gay' marriage


    ... American subgroups measured in recent polls, according to figures published this week by the Pew ... Research Center for the People and the Press. According to five polls of Americans in 2012 and 2013

  9. Voters choosing new NYC mayor


    ... (NEW YORK POST) New Yorkers are heading to the polls Tuesday to pick the citys first new mayor ... for statewide casino expansion a long shot. Polls showing Democrat Bill de Blasio trouncing Republican

  10. Polls and klunkers

    ... Journalists routinely cite public opinion polls in reporting political campaigns and other ... these rogue polls. At Rasmussen Research, we call them klunkers. What's really scary about ... changed in the race during that week. Another is one of the two polls was a klunker. A third, less