1. Sandy may pose threat to East Coast voters


    ... process to substitute for attendance at the polls, which allows for more Americans to vote despite

  2. Thoughts on Israel attack on Iran

    ... of whether Obama is in office when an Israeli strike on Iran occurs or not.It seems that if the polls

  3. Americans living in Israel go to polls


    ... (New York Times) Americans living in Israel went to the polls this week, dropping sealed envelopes

  4. Insiders: Trump will sweep all but Ohio

    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

    ... of activists, strategists and operatives in three of the five states headed to the polls on Tuesday: Ohio, North Carolina and Florida.

  5. Why McAuliffe barely beat Cuccinelli


    ... (POLITICO) How the heck did that happen? Most public polls leading up to Election Day had

  6. Massive protests erupt in Russia

    ... Up to 50,000 people have turned out in Moscow for a protest against disputed polls that have

  7. Santorum leading? Is the GOP nuts?


    ... in the name of all that's holy is Rick Santorum atop national polls for the Republican nomination

  8. Trump rises after Paris attacks

    Trump gear has been banned at one high school football game.

    ... , according to most of the polls released in the aftermath. Trumps gains show him once again

  9. Polls: Obama with narrow lead


    ... (THE HILL) Two new national polls show a slight lead for President Obama over Republican

  10. Voter-ID law enacted in Pennsylvania


    ... - or the polls. Just hours after it passed the House of Representatives, Gov. Corbett signed