1. Fewer Dems voting 'for' Obama than in 2010


    ... (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) Democrats loved President Obama in 2010 when 53 percent went to the polls

  2. Dems bully non-voters: We're watching you


    ... (NEW YORK POST) Democrats are telling voters that they had better head to the polls or else

  3. Univision host: Hispanic vote will decide presidency


    ... following a speech to students, Ramos predicted that about 16 million Hispanics will go to the polls

  4. Polls open in Ireland's 'gay'-marriage vote


    ... (NBC NEWS) DUBLIN - Voters went to the polls in Ireland Friday on whether to allow gay marriage

  5. Rasmussen on O'Reilly show tonight

    ... and WorldNetDaily partner on producing monthly public opinion polls and Rasmussen writes

  6. Bill Clinton praises Gingrich on immigration

    ... Newt Gingrich is a pretty popular guy lately. He's surging in the polls, riding high on a buzz

  7. Franklin Graham: 'Romney being Mormon doesn't bother me'

    ... As Newt Gingrich makes gains in the polls, GOP candidate Mitt Romney is speaking more about his

  8. Holder: Government 'responsibility' to register citizens

    ... errors and confusion at the polls, he said. Read the whole story at CNSNews.com

  9. Romney takes aim at Gingrich over Freddie ties

    ... Freddie Mac.Romney, on a two-day tour of South Carolina to try to dent Gingrich's big lead in the polls

  10. Study: Romney's 'religion problem' exaggerated


    ... religion is unlikely to hurt him at the polls in November. The researchers based the conclusion