1. Holder: Government 'responsibility' to register citizens

    ... errors and confusion at the polls, he said. Read the whole story at CNSNews.com

  2. Bill Clinton praises Gingrich on immigration

    ... Newt Gingrich is a pretty popular guy lately. He's surging in the polls, riding high on a buzz

  3. Franklin Graham: 'Romney being Mormon doesn't bother me'

    ... As Newt Gingrich makes gains in the polls, GOP candidate Mitt Romney is speaking more about his

  4. Romney takes aim at Gingrich over Freddie ties

    ... Freddie Mac.Romney, on a two-day tour of South Carolina to try to dent Gingrich's big lead in the polls

  5. Hungry for real polling data?

    ... Portrait of America polls, in an exclusive partnership with WorldNetDaily, is making ... in the business today." Farah says Portrait of America polls have been an early warning system ... ' premium polls, and Portrait of America's don't compare. In fact, you can find the same

  6. Why register for WND's poll?

    ... the results of our polls through technological means, sometimes seemingly voting hundreds of times ... in a short period. Rather than continue running polls that were obviously skewed -- like the one indicating ... -- WND's technical staff set out to develop a more secure means of conducting online polls

  7. Here's productive alternative to shouting at TV

    ... ; the WND Polls and Forums are the places for you. WND recently upgraded the sign-on system so ... . Timely and topical, WND Polls reflect the burning issues of the moment. Oftentimes derived ... sites on the Web, WND Polls and Forums include plenty of compelling material. For example, a recent

  8. Don't silence Ron Paul!

    ... a decision to eliminate Ron Paul? Is it on the basis of public opinion polls showing him with 8 percent ... from the debate for reasons other than polls or financial viability – neither of which am ... claims it is making the decision based on national polls, not local polls. What's wrong

  9. The Summer of Discontent

    ... percent. Other polls are not much better. The Associated Press-Iposs Poll showed a 43 percent ... it is not worried. Their appetite for polls is selective. Like selective memory, Team Bush uses the polls ... they like and loses the one's they don't like. Their response to the unfavorable polls is that polls don't

  10. ABC: Obama's popularity dips under water


    ... -convention personal popularity of an incumbent president in ABC News/Washington Post polls since the 1980s ... political positioning in ABC/Post polls since he took office. Unusually, his rating among men, 50-47