1. Want to Google the 'halal' way?


    ... sifts through links and a list of "haram keywords," which cannot be used to search on the website. ... (Al Arabiya) Putting the "beep" in all that's un-Islamic, a new online search engine is providing

  2. Googlepedia answers any question direct from Google search


    ... complete dominance over the search market. But for all its unerring ability to find what you ... are looking for, it has - up to now - still used a fairly 'dumb' comparison program to match your search ... , and bring all this information back to the user. Instead of simply matching your keywords, Google's

  3. Social networks tread on Google's turf

    ... The art of the search The way we search for information on the Internet is about to change ... to tech writer Joshua Brustein, "Social search aims to connect people with questions to people who can ... answer those questions. By contrast, regular Web searches take questions, break them into keywords

  4. Got a golfer in the clan?

    ... bargain at only $4.99. Enter the keywords, "Lego Idea Book," in the search box. For younger ... " in the search box. Chipshot.com's pencil display cabinet is a unique gift for the golfer who ... favorite courses. Enter keywords, "Pencil Cabinet," and scroll down. I also found a fun Three

  5. E-mail not as private you think

    ... Some of the free providers frequently scan e-mail for keywords, but one company is working to make

  6. Are you wrapped and ready?

    ... driving game. It even has foot pedals! To find it, enter the keywords "Force Feedback Steering ... " in the search box. Outpost will ship this item overnight, for free. Also for your personal ... professional golfers to choose from, Links LS 2000 is sure to be a hit with any golfer. Type keywords

  7. Palestinian contributions to the world

    ... . Try more general keywords. Try fewer keywords. Try Google Blog Search. Instead, I tried ... to be fair. So I typed the keywords "Palestinian contributions" (but without the quotes) into the Google ... News Search and got 519 hits containing those two words. Browsing through some of the hits, I noticed

  8. Sheriff sees pattern in border agents' cases

    ... in January, Sipe was acquitted after deliberations of less than an hour. Sipe's attorney, Jack Wolfe ... was apprehended a second time, caught for transporting illegal aliens by automobile," Wolfe told ... Patrol were that nobody was going to do anything about Sipe's case. The DOJ in Washington was hot," Wolfe

  9. Marines to test for drunkenness on duty

    President Obama Attends Wreath Laying Ceremony At The Tomb Of The Unknowns

    ... . The random mandatory testing is called the Alcohol Screening Program (ASP).

  10. 'It's a miracle that I'm alive'


    ... ASP and World Tour events, taking second place at the ASP 2009 World Junior Championships. Her