1. Teacher accused of classroom sex resigns


    ... in Mechanicsburg. The Big List: Female teachers with students -- Most comprehensive account on Internet

  2. Teen student defends woman he had sex with


    ... to a football coach that he was having sex with the counselor. Read the WND story that started it all! The big list: Female teachers with students

  3. This day in WND History: Dec. 16


    ... particularly female teachers who pursue their students for sex took a new turn when police arrested ... Twin teachers busted over lewd act with student Dec. 16, 2006: The "sexpidemic" of teachers ... twin sisters and a female roommate for charges related to lewd acts with an underage female student

  4. Teacher 'has sex with handful of her students'


    ... that started it all! The big list: Female teachers with students Niemiec is married with three ... of her own students. Ellen Lindsay Niemiec, 29, an instructor at Cross High School in Berkeley ... on," Mike Bosnak, an attorney representing all three students, told WCIV-TV. "Some of it took place

  5. When government runs 'education'

    ... students by female teachers something nearly unheard of a decade ago before "gay" became cool ... epidemic proportions from teachers providing sexually explicit material to students to same-sex rape ... to torture to kidnap to delivering drugs to students to rigging test scores for cash. The disturbing

  6. Woman has sex with student, 15, plus 7 friends

    ... list of American teachers accused or convicted of having sexual relations with students. Jefferson ... Julie Pritchett, 34 A female special education teacher and sponsor ... with at least eight high school students between the ages of 15 and 19. Julie Pritchett, 34, is facing

  7. Educators accused of rape, torture, kidnapping


    ... WND has reported for years on misbehaving teachers, including the "Big List" of female teachers who ... have sexually assaulted students. But in just the past few days there is a long list of new ... . See the "Big List" of teacher offenders. The torture allegations came out of Indiana, where WLWT

  8. Flunking student gets A after sex with teacher

    Kalyn Thompson

    ... student when he was 17. Read the WND story that started it all! The big list: Female teachers ... ] With the large number of teachers having sex with their students across America ... with students "There was talk about getting high, grades, that sort of things," Underwood told KOTV

  9. Woman has sex with students in school

    Tara Driscoll

    ... -minute drive from her school. See the WND story that started it all: The big list: Female ... teachers with students But now, a report by schools investigator Richard Condon charges Driscoll ... "brazenly had sex with two other students at the school, where her serial shenanigans were uncovered

  10. Sex assaults by teachers on students an 'epidemic'

    ... Editor's note: WND has documented an alarming list of female teachers who have assaulted male ... of attention paid to the attacks. But she said the facts are plain: Teachers assaulting students just don't get ... backed up Miller's belief that the problem of assaults on students by teachers is many times larger than