1. The Blob that eats children

    ... teachers showed up outside my office to yell at me. They were angry because I said union rules were a big ... the most promising or richest students, as teachers unions often claim competitive schools do ... reason American kids don't learn. The union is a big reason kids don't like school and learn

  2. Protesting 'gay' promo draws threats

    ... A coalition of Christian organizations is encouraging students to stay home when their schools ... started coming in. Liberty Counsel reports it has had complaints from parents and students about ... of Law. "Students have the right not to remain silent. Students can refuse to attend school

  3. Obama proposes $1 billion for science, math teachers


    ... of master teachers, a $1 billion effort to boost U.S. students' achievement in science, technology ... in which expert educators share their knowledge and skills with other teachers, improving the quality of education for all students. ... , engineering and math. The program to reward high-performing teachers with salary stipends is part

  4. Wanted: College girls with 'good oral skills'


    ... (UCLA) Westwood campus is seeking female students who are equipped with "good oral skills." "Do you ... . The ad targets female students. The job? Providing "companionship" as a "sugar baby" for successful area men who in exchange provide money and gifts.

  5. Parents rebel against Obama TV speech to schools

    ... to help students get focused and begin the school year strong." The government also is publicizing a list ... of suggestions for students and teachers to do in preparation for the speech, including studying ... . At issue was an announcement that Obama plans to deliver a message directly to students via

  6. Study: 1-year teacher evaluations not enough


    ... to decide who are their best and their worst teachers could be making some big mistakes, according to the second part of a multi-year study from the foundation. ... (AP) SEATTLEOnce-a-year evaluations aren't enough to help teachers improve, says a report

  7. More teachers boycott standardized tests


    ... atSeattle's Garfield High Schoolin early January, when teachers there refused to give students ... (WASHINGTON TIMES) The standardized-testing boycott that began with teachers in Chicago last year ... . Seattle teachers, who have for the past month refused district orders to administer an exam

  8. 'How Evil Works' reveals America's 'blind spot'

    ... courtrooms. There are judges who express their personal delight with female teachers who sexually ... such "starred" items here. Aristotle warned that big lies are more believable than little ones, since we ... to the BIG liars in our midst, the liars who cause mass trauma. Noting most governments

  9. University's religious promotions challenged

    ... President Brad Dacus told WND he still sees grounds for the suit. "Telling teachers that these students ... , focuses on a section of the website that arms teachers to counter student "misconceptions" about ... to a list of denominational doctrinal statements that align with evolution. Roy Caldwell, a UC

  10. When teachers become psychotherapists

    ... Most parents of public school children are unaware that teachers all across America ... , but they haven't even had adequate training. In fact, many teachers don't even know ... intended to affect the emotions, beliefs, values, and behavior of the students. All of this is very