1. 'Kids, don't forget to make your gender choice'


    ... 537, signed by Davis in 1999, permits teachers and students to openly proclaim and display ... students may soon may be allowed to choose which gender they would like to be. The California ... would discriminate against boys. "I can honestly say that I would have declared myself a female

  2. How can parents raise virgins these days?

    ... on homosexuality and condoms in our public schools, but prosecutes teachers for having sexual relations with our ... Post reported that rap star Big Pun died from a heart attack. (He was, like, 650 pounds ... cover? How about star Rene Russo? This attractive woman had become a huge A-list Hollywood star

  3. California 'Mom,' 'Dad' ban garners international scorn

    ... to homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality, over the protests of parents, teachers and even school ... , even in California." The organization's statement called it "unbelievable" that teachers ... and students who oppose same-sex marriage and suggest homosexuality isn't innate, or disapprove of cross

  4. Politically correct curriculum sinks school performance

    Female students dressed in burqas at NP3 High School in Sacramento.

    ... district that invited ninth grade female students to wear burqas as part of a geography lesson ... that this would actually undercut teachers' ability to customize a lesson to best serve the students ... . In Lumberton, when teachers had students wear burqas as part of a lesson on Islam in a ninth-grade

  5. Help WND pick biggest cover-ups of 2007!

    ... -old 3. Female teachers sexually preying on their students 4. Mideast terror leaders favor ... . Previous stories: 10 most underreported stories of 2006 The 2005 'spike' list The year's 10

  6. Helping workers

    ... : "Some female students from Islamic or African cultures might believe it unladylike to speak ... teachers' guides for its English language development program, due to statements like the following ... up in class. Some Asian students might feel it is impolite to mention that they don't understand

  7. 'Mom, dad better than certified teachers'

    ... of 24,000 eight-grade students. Two key questions were whether teachers with "standard" certification ... students who have teachers with emergency credentials do no worse than students whose teachers have ... Not only do a long list of studies show that mom and dad can teach their own children

  8. School sends out report cards to non-students

    ... . According to a report on KSDK television, a "handful" of students who transferred out of the area ... received the teachers' reports. "No it doesn't look good on the district or the teachers ... But they confirmed the error happened at least five times when students left the Riverview Gardens district

  9. Schoolteacher in heat? Woman arrested thrice

    ... : Female teachers with students Here is a list of the teacher 'sexpidemic' cases WND has documented where ... female teachers have been accused, or convicted, of assaulting students: Abbie Jane ... for teachers and students in recent years.Last year, former Wharton High School teacher and basketball

  10. Pastor's daughter arrested for sex with 3 girls, 1 boy

    ... faced allegations of having sexual relations with their students.See "the big list." ... she had sex with four students over the course of years dating back to the late 1990s ... students and members of Dayspring Church next door, where Martinelli's father, Nelson Quintana Sr