1. Social media fuels teacher-student sex


    ... relationships with students. The question continues to be asked: should teachers be friending ... (KOKI-TV) There have been a number of sex scandals involving teachers in Oklahoma this year ... . In the last twelve months at least eleven teachers in Oklahoma have been accused of inappropriate

  2. Spying 101

    ... the majority of parents and teachers like the program, some disapprove of the notion of training students ... on other students and to turn them in, using an anonymous toll-free line to a detective agency ... -free tip line, a website, and an awareness campaign to teach parents and students how to be a part

  3. 'Gay' day squashed on campus

    ... -shirts were sold, and teachers were encouraged to join silent students in protest. Community events ... resulted in hundreds of students boycotting the observance and some administrators canceling pro ... successful," she said. "In many high schools, hundreds of students stayed home. Here at Mission

  4. 'Boys as victims' don't fit expectations

    ... WND has documented dozens of recent cases of women teachers assaulting underage male students ... does hear from men who were victims of female teachers. One man was 53, and never had been able ... stories: Sex assaults by teachers on students an 'epidemic' Previous stories:

  5. Teacher of the year fired over '4-letter-word' quiz

    ... Teachers" four times, says most of the students in her class "were non-readers – quite a few ... was fired last week for giving her freshman high-school students a creative quiz hinting of sexuality ... . Answer: fork; What does a dog do that you step into every morning? Hint: There was a time a female

  6. What are your kids learning?

    ... students' education than their beliefs and their "politically-correct" activities. These teachers ... hair, started each year by teaching her students how to spell: "George Eats Old Gray Rats And Paints ... of the mysteries of the Incas to her wide-eyed students. My, how things have changed. I've just

  7. Christian schools' 'hands tied' by gender-bender rules


    ... Come August of next year, high-school students in Minnesota will be permitted to play sports ... all public, private and evensomereligious high schools to accommodate transgender students ... by months. "They passed a policy that will allow students who identify as transgender to play on teams

  8. More money, less education

    ... to school for millions of children. As the students return to the classroom, their teachers' unions ... with students. Unfortunately too many of them will promise the teachers' unions more money thus giving students ... education for their hard earned money, teachers unions keep promoting new education programs whose

  9. Illegal aliens to teach bilingual education?

    ... students are limited in English, and the district figures it needs another 700 bilingual teachers ... as bilingual teachers. Superintendent Michael Hinojosa of the Dallas Independent School District ... illegals to help fill a significant need for teachers who speak Spanish. According to an Associated

  10. Educational ineptitude, Part 2

    ... is not pretty. Philadelphia schools are typical of poor-quality, big-city schools. Susan Snyder ... , Philadelphia Inquirer staff writer, in her article "District to Help Teachers Pass Test" (March 24, 2004 ... ) reported "that half of the district's 690 middle school teachers who took exams in math, English, social