1. Bullet 'health' fears dry up ammo supplies


    ... gun owners are getting frustrated by the ammo shortage. In Vermont, local shops can't keep ... . Generating an ammunition shortage by pushing for still unavailable "green" ammo, while buying up existing ... a ammo shortage. In Illinois, handgun training is being hindered because of the shortage. New York

  2. Local cops face ammo shortage as DHS stocks up


    ... (FOXNEWS) Local law enforcement agencies across the country are facing an ammo shortage, as gun ... . The shortage, coupled with an increase in prices, comes as many gun owners head to the stores ... as an amendment. YOU READ IT HERE FIRST! JAN. 20, 2013: Homeland Security hoarding ammo, depriving

  3. Feds admit drying up ammo supplies


    ... shortage. In Vermont, local shops can't keep their customers satisfied, because they can't get ... departments is short. In Waco, police have noticed a ammo shortage. In Illinois, handgun training ... is being hindered because of the shortage. New York gun owners are getting frustrated by the ammo

  4. U.S. ammunition sales breaking all records


    ... Manufacturers and gun shops across the US are reporting record sales with gun enthusiasts worried ... that tighter weapons laws will lead to a shortage of bullets.

  5. Police departments feel ammunition shortage


    ... . "With the current ammo shortage throughout the nation, it makes it more difficult for us to get ammo ... in the past," said Sgt. Sierra Brucia. Brucia wouldn't comment on why a shortage of ammunition ... President Obama stepped up pressure for gun control legislation. "They can't build enough ammo

  6. Dumb gun nuts

    ... This is the nuttiest bunch of lies and misconceptions I've ever seen ["Feds to hold ammo advantage ... over states"]. If you gun nuts would stop buying up and hoarding all the ammo you can find ... , there wouldn't be a shortage. Duh. You create a crisis, start up a bunch of false rumors and then pretend you're the solution. Nuts. M.J. Beal

  7. Time for Americans to dust off their guns?


    ... facilities more affordable and accessible. Shops will be holding special sales on guns, ammo ... . Firearms enthusiasts get an excuse to burn through some of that ammo that's been stacking up ... will be offering election and registration information at ranges, gun shops, and gun shows throughout the week

  8. Ammo shortages leave gun owners searching


    ... herself. She says the nationwide shortage of ammo, has left her and others fed up, and vendors know ... A nationwide shortage of ammunition has caught ... gun shows to stock up on bullets. Visalia Mayor Amy Shuklian says, "Even the 22 ammo, which used

  9. Police chief asks citizens to provide ammo


    ... (CNSNEWS.COM) As the "Great Ammunition Shortage ... for help meeting his department's ammo needs, citizens contacted his office, eager to help.

  10. Critical ammo shortages affect U.S. military stocks


    ... of federal, state and local law enforcement personnel, as well as non-police clients. He pointed out ... . military is looking abroad for the components that make up a round. "Ammo is in waning supply ... are somewhat more plentiful, but gun shops are heavily rationing purchases to one or two boxes of 50 rounds