1. 3-D printing could muzzle new gun laws


    ... (FOXNEWS) Gun owners who can't buy high capacity ammo magazines because of new laws have another ... option: Print them. Gun control measures passed or proposed in the wake of the Sandy Hook school ... available on the Internet, gun owners can manufacture a fully functional, plastic magazine clip. Plans

  2. Bullet 'health' fears dry up ammo supplies


    ... gun owners are getting frustrated by the ammo shortage. In Vermont, local shops can't keep ... their customers satisfied, because they can't get the supplies. In Alaska, gun owners are left searching ... -fSYOjoQ"] In Caldwell, W.Va., retailers said the expense is going up for gun owners, because

  3. California Senate approves 8 gun control bills


    ... owners, including one bill that would set up an ammo registry. That's correct, under Senate Bill 53 ... , responsible gun owners would be required to submit personal information to the state, undergo ... be stored in a state database controlled by the Justice Department and the individual would have to present photo ID at a gun store upon making an ammo purchase.

  4. Are you licensed to reload that ammo?

    ... for Gun Owners of America, notes the benefits for Obama of having such rules in treaties, not legislation ... handgun owners to submit to mental health evaluations and sparked a rush on ammunition purchases ... own ammo you may find yourself engaged in 'Illicit Manufacturing' of ammunition under an arms control

  5. Anti-jihad group helps fill U.S. ammo shortage

    ... ammo for private gun owners. The Department of Defense explained it had placed small arms ... reported months of steady, heavy buying have left gun dealers facing shortages of ammunition ... outrage from private gun owners, the Department of Defense scrapped a new policy that would deplete

  6. Local cops face ammo shortage as DHS stocks up


    ... (FOXNEWS) Local law enforcement agencies across the country are facing an ammo shortage, as gun ... . The shortage, coupled with an increase in prices, comes as many gun owners head to the stores ... owners concerned about new laws at the federal and state level stock up on firearms and bullets

  7. Which states are best for gun owners in 2013


    ... (Guns & Ammo) These days, its becoming more difficult for gun owners across the country to find ... of anti-gun legislation hindering the rights of law-abiding citizens. States like Illinois ... are notorious for their anti-gun agendas, while states like Texas are viewed as a sort of shooters paradise

  8. Ammo shortage continues across U.S.


    ... what gun owners have seen the last six months. Target shooters, those using .22 long rifles, .223 ... (TYLERPAPER) There have been ammunition shortages before in the United States, but nothing like

  9. States still 'gun' for unsuspecting firearm owners


    ... his licensed handgun in the glovebox. Rather than leave the gun in the car, he locked it in the room ... gun owners to understand the laws that apply wherever they might choose to be armed ... , Ill., were routinely stopping and searching cars from "gun-friendly" states on interstate highways

  10. Guns & Ammo editor fired for pro-gun-control editorial


    ... issue featuring his editorial advocating for gun control. "Way too many gun owners still seem ... (Mediaite) Guns and Ammo Magazine, the "world's most widely read firearms magazine," has fired