1. Turkey unrest 'payback' for fueling Syria insurgency?


    ... violent anti-government protests that Turkey has seen in years. Calling the protesters ... the protests rocking Turkey as an internal affair he hoped would be resolved in a peaceful manner ... in Turkey being coordinated by foreign powers, as the country has claimed? Are the violent anti

  2. Obama online gurus trained Turkey protest leaders


    ... JERUSALEM The directors of a youth movement helping to lead the anti-government protests rocking ... -government protests that Turkey has seen in years. Young Civilians members have been arrested ... and shopping center. The park protests last Friday quickly grew into the largest and most violent anti

  3. 1,700 arrested as riots rock Turkey


    ... in the countrys four biggest cities yesterday the third day of anti-government protests with demonstrators ... (DAILYMAIL) The Foreign Office has warned against travel to various parts of Turkey except ... when trees were torn down at a park in Istanbuls main Taksim Square under government plans

  4. Turkey threatens to support Iran street protests


    ... the street protests in the country, according to a Syrian government official speaking to WND ... with riot police as they chanted anti-government slogans. Shopkeepers closed their stores in protest ... TEL AVIV Turkey has warned Iran that it could stir trouble for the Iranian regime by supporting

  5. U.S. sending missile-defense troops to Turkey


    ... to Turkey along with enough troops to operate them as the heavily embattled government in neighboring ... SANA. Damascus accused Turkey and its partners of instigating rumors to make the government look bad internationally. ... (CNN)-- The United States gave the go-ahead Friday to deploy Patriot anti-ballistic missiles

  6. Turkey bans YouTube after Syria security talk leaked


    ... (Beirut Daily Star) Turkey banned YouTube on Thursday after the video-sharing website was used ... action in Syria. The recordings purport to show senior Turkish government, military and spy officials ... scandal and hit by a series of street protests ahead of crucial local elections on Sunday -- angrily

  7. Hundreds of thousands rally in Syria as 32 reported killed

    ... -government protests. Read the whole story at Associated Press. ... protests in months, shouting for the downfall of the regime in a defiant display invigorated ... quoted activists as saying that Syrian forces killed at least 32 people, most of them shot during anti

  8. Anti-government unrest rocks Ukraine, Venezuela, Thailand


    ... scrambling. Bodies are carried from the streets. Dramatic scenes are unfolding during anti-government ... protests in three disparate countries this week, on three different continents. The images are striking ... , and things are heating up quickly. What's happening on the ground? Here's a cheat-sheet guide to the protests in Ukraine, Venezuela and Thailand:

  9. Muslim protests planned in advance?

    ... been planting the seeds for quite some time for mass anti-American protests in the Middle East ... as a result. Muslims in Indonesia and Pakistan continue holding anti-U.S. protests. Islamic leaders ... JERUSALEM – Muslim protests throughout the Middle East regarding a now-retracted Newsweek


    George Soros

    ... -winning economist Joseph Stiglitz also recently addressed the so-called social protests rocking Spain ... the world's economy. Stiglitz is a leading proponent of more government regulation ... gains," he told the anti-Wall Street protesters. "That's not capitalism, that's not a market