1. What TV news won't tell you about March for Life


    ... Press style book which informs and guides most news outlets in the U.S. expressly states, "Use anti ... news crews one journalist's study suggests to deliberately slant the story. According ... to LifeNews.com's Katie Yoder, a study of the last 10 years of TV news reports on the annual march which

  2. Was bumbling anchor drunk on air?

    ... anchor presented a live broadcast while drunk on air. Read the whole story at the London Daily Mail. ... Perhaps she was very tired or just having a bad day. But speculation is rife that a local news

  3. TV reporter plays 'gotcha' with Paul Ryan


    ... responded. After the anchor pressed him to make sure he didn't think the country has a "gun problem ... (FOX NEWS) ROCHESTER, Mich. -Paul Ryanabruptly ended an interview with an ABC affiliate in Flint ... after the reporter tried to link gun violence with tax cuts. "Does the country have a gun problem

  4. Gun owners going postal

    ... to a prominent network television news anchor to protest the recently signed gun safety agreement ... "anti-gun stance while highlighting the displeasure of gun owners over attempts by the federal ... A pro-gun support group is planning a mass overnight mailing of broken trigger locks

  5. Nice flight if you can get it

    ... I just read that Mr. Obama used Air Force One to transport anti-gun individuals to Washington, D.C ... ., to lobby Congress! Isn't that misuse of Air Force One? Doug Martindale

  6. The facts gun-grabbers won't consider

    ... understanding of the Second Amendment than gun-control proponents. Asked by a London news anchor about ... , they don't need a gun to do it." Anchor: "It makes it easier, though, doesn't it?" Ice-T ... there's the inevitable backlash of the anti-gun lobby, as a result of this instance, as there always

  7. Gun owners: The time to stand up is now!


    ... . There was a time when the anti-gun zealots were able to pin the blame for mass murders on the gun ... and be counted. Now is the time to tell the world that anti-gun zealots created the policies that left 20 ... has the facts, the truth and logic on our side, anti-gun extremists need to keep America and the world

  8. Clinton's propaganda wars

    ... start when Bill Clinton became president. It started in the mid '80s when the anti-gun politicians led ... up with their print colleagues. The coverage is definitely one sided. Most articles, including news ... "Guns Under Fire". And a web search for articles on the gun issue even turns up anti-gun press releases

  9. Katie Couric show to be canceled?

    Katie Couric

    ... CBS News, may not see her current show on the air before it reaches a third season. The New York ... be departing as anchor of the CBS Evening News less than five years after becoming the first woman ... and gentlemen, that she destroyed it. The network news ratings for CBS just plummeted." Before anchoring

  10. Rescued dog bites news anchor on live TV


    ... A veteran Denver morning news anchor got more bite than she bargained for in her coverage ... of an uplifting story of a dog rescued from a frozen reservoir after the dog bit her on the lip, live on air ... . Kyle Dyer, anchor for the morning and noon broadcasts of Denvers NBC affiliate, 9NEWS