1. Bitcoin is now a billion dollar industry


    ... how bitcoin works, read this.) For now, let your jaw drop watch the drool and start wishing you'd ... of bitcoin on Thursday. For the first time in the currency's history, the total value of all ... bitcoins in circulation topped $1 billion. That's right: A billion bucks, right out of thin air. That's

  2. Virtual world cashing in on currency


    ... Schumer now have the Bitcoin system in their sights, which means legal action may be inevitable ... that as the laws stand now, the federal government "has no basis to stop bitcoin users who engage ... . Ironically, the U.S. dollar is more like Facebook Credits than Bitcoin, because both USD and Facebook

  3. Bitcoin breakdown

    ... It never existed, and now it might have vanished. This week, the world's largest bitcoin ... . dollar is more like Facebook Credits than Bitcoin, because both USD and Facebook Credits can be created ... , ceased all operations and closed its website. Quite possibly more than $300 million worth of bitcoin

  4. Bitcoin flaw could threaten booming virtual currency


    ... (New Scientist) Bitcoin contains a hitherto unnoticed flaw which threatens to upset the balance ... of the $1.5 billion economy built on the virtual currency. Ittay Eyal and Emin Gun Sirer, of Cornell ... University in New York have discovered the "devastating" potential for Bitcoin "mining" the process

  5. Bitcoin: Problems already cloud currency's future


    ... (New Scientist) Bitcoin is booming. But many researchers close to the world's most feted ... dedicated to capturing a statistical picture of Bitcoin as a working economy. Since the record ... of all Bitcoin transactions is public, Levin has used it to gather data about the distribution

  6. Bitcoin pursues the mainstream


    ... (New York Times) The currency known as bitcoin a much-hyped and much-doubted type of digital cash ... merchants are eyeing a far more mainstream use for it. They are convinced that bitcoin, though ... of using bitcoin to buy illegal guns in the recesses of the web, they say, ordinary consumers will use

  7. Bitcoin-exchange CEO found dead in her Singapore home


    ... (London Daily Mail) The American CEO of an exchange for the troubled bitcoin digital currency has ... state are now waiting for toxicology test results to determine the exact cause of death. Douglas ... Autumn Radtke.' The death of Radtke is the latest piece of bad news to hit the crisis-ridden bitcoin

  8. Why gold rises when dollar sinks

    ... the euro in a matter of weeks. Now, after the first quarter of 2002, the dollar has again skidded ... recovery, as the dollar now seems to be telling us, foreigners will soon be switching from dollar ... of the health of a currency, which, again, is unfortunately why the dollar is now sinking and gold

  9. 'The barbarians are at the gate'


    ... billion. Also, he reports, China is ratcheting up its tough talk on the U.S. dollar, calling ... . Further, the demand for the U.S. dollar in linked to the petroleum industry, and Saudi Arabia ... ' See who's rejected U.S. dollar now! Do you have an escape plan? How to avoid that lousy

  10. For sale: Check that gave birth to Superman


    ... this little piece of paper set in motion the birth of an American icon, a billion-dollar industry - and a legal battle of heroic proportions.