1. MSNBC: Obama's scandals prove 'racism, white supremacy' in GOP

    ... Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton: Obama's scandals prove 'racism' and 'white supremacy' in GOP.

  2. Joe Klein: Gun advocates feed people 'anti-american crap'

    ... TIME Magazines Joe Klein appeared on Chris Matthews weekend show, where he asserted that it is crap

  3. Texas Rep: Cruz 'as eligible as Obama is' to be prez


    ... Obama in a combative interview with MSNBC host Chris Matthews, refusing to support Obama's election ... is," Farenthold said of Cruz. "Well, what does that mean?" a flustered Matthews asked to follow up ... . "Obama's president, Ted Cruz can be president," Farenthold answered, which seemed to anger Matthews.

  4. Chris Matthews: 'The French were right'

    ... WASHINGTON – "Hardball" host Chris Matthews doesn't hide his opinion on his MSNBC ... holding back. Chris Matthews Appearing as a guest on the same network's "Imus ... Dean booster. Matthews, who also hosts NBC's "The Chris Matthews Show" on Sunday mornings

  5. Chris Matthews sours on Obama


    ... branch," Chris Matthews said tonight. Yes, you read that right: The MSNBC host who in 2008 felt ... of Hardball saw Matthews delivering a rare, unforgiving grilling of the president as severe as anything that might appear on Fox News.

  6. Farah on MSNBC's 'Hardball'

    ... With Chris Matthews" tomorrow night. Farah, author of "Taking America Back," will discuss his new

  7. MSNBC apologizes for Romney-KKK report

    ... a Klu Klux Klan phrase as a campaign slogan. Chris Matthews apologized on behalf of the network

  8. Matthews should join Olbermann

    ... Quick question what is wrong with Chris Matthews? I just watched the clip of him going ... ! Seemed like Mr. Brokaw was trying to hold back the rage a bit for Mr. Matthews, albeit, unsuccessfully so ... . The other anchors were also obviously embarrassed for Matthews, since he obviously did not have

  9. Sununu to MSNBC: 'You guys have agenda'


    ... Chris Matthews to a duel was just about the only thing he didnt shout at the MSNBC team today, as he ... what youre talking about, and challenged one of Matthews comments as anti-American.

  10. Thrill is gone: MSNBC anchor thrashes Obama

    ... Chris Matthews on Saturday slammed Barack Obama in his worst criticism to date of the man that used ... , Matthews excoriated the president saying, "The day he got inaugurated, he sent us all home and said