1. 'Rogue' IRS agent claim unraveling

    ... Service (IRS) targeting of conservative groups was the work of two "rogue" low-level employees ... Reality Check Exclusive: Cincinnati agent giving orders in IRS scandal?: An investigation

  2. IRS letters came from D.C., California not Cincinnati


    ... identified two 'rogue' employees, both in Cincinnati, whom he thought were responsible for targeting right ... and Albuquerque, New Mexico show that IRS headquarters in Washington, D.C., and two satellite offices ... (London Daily Mail) Letters from the IRS to tea party-related organizations in Oklahoma City

  3. Look who IRS blames for targeting tea party


    ... The Internal Revenue Service is now claiming two "rogue" employees in the agency's Cincinnati ... the problem with IRS handling of tax-exempt status for tea-party groups was not limited to these two employees ... on Capitol Hill, acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller described the employees as being "off

  4. 'Fired' IRS commissioner already planned exit


    ... the tea-party targeting originated. The IRS is now claiming two "rogue" employees in the agency's ... and did so, the Daily Mail reports that in an email to IRS employees, Miller claimed he would only ... the problem with IRS handling of tax-exempt status for tea-party groups was not limited to these two

  5. Democrats turn on IRS: 'There will be hell to pay'

    Lerner as she takes her seat before a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington

    ... . Lerner has blamed abusive IRS practices on low-level employees in the Cincinnati office. But IRS sources ... just one in mind, the woman at the center of the IRS scandal, Lois Lerner. Rep. Stephen Lynch, D ... questions because the Justice Department has launched a criminal investigation into the IRS scandal

  6. Cincinnati TV station blows lid of 'rogue' IRS claims


    ... of two "rogue" low-level employees in Cincinnati, Ohio, strain credulity and are "falling apart." Swann ... Administration claims that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting of conservative groups was the work ... reports that so far six IRS agents working out of the Cincinnati officewhich is the central hub

  7. Lawmakers demand jail time for IRS scandal


    ... Commissioner Steven Miller said the entire event was the fault of two "rogue" employees who were "off ... . In a possible attempt to downplay the importance of the issue, CNN reported that acting IRS ... nonprofit status, several Republicans are now demanding jail time for anyone involved in the scandal

  8. Another lying lefty?

    ... , then the IRS is so inept they didn't even check their own policies and instead blamed "rogue agents ... Will the left ever deal honestly with the public? Dave Johnson, in his article "IRS scandal ... did the IRS not just put this out to the public in the beginning instead of blaming it on rogue

  9. Obama 'outraged'? He adores the IRS

    ... . The administration wants us to believe that the two IRS employees in Cincinnati responsible for this wanton political ... Society, a nonprofit law firm, is representing two pro-life organizations that allege the IRS refused ... in as little as nine months." But the IRS official responsible for granting the exemption status told

  10. Scandal central: Scapegoating & stonewalling

    ... and knowledge and blamed the wrongdoing on rogue employees in Phoenix and Cincinnati, respectively ... and "rogue" ATF agents, though they are under the DOJ umbrella anyway. The ATF blamed Main Justice ... , invoked executive privilege. Fast-forward to the IRS scandal and compare the administration's