1. Comcast and Disney: Marriage made for disaster

    ... of each business is not in agreement. Comcast, the cable giant comes from a regulated industry ... , enjoying a monopoly in most of its markets. Comcast comes with the ability to run a hardware network ... business problems. www.businessreform.comThe unexpected takeover-offer by Comcast to buy Disney

  2. Look who's banning ads for guns


    ... for an ad placed by Williams Gun Sight was rejected. Comcast Cable, which recently acquired NBC ... with a local agency for a 30-second spot on cable for his business, Williams Gun Sight. WJRT says ad agency ... NBC is enforcing a policy against running ads

  3. Paula Deen fans vent outrage at Food Network


    ... that it's dropping Deen from its roster of celebrity cooks, the cable network was served heaping portions of Southern fried outrage by her fans. ... from Jacksonville, Fla., said Saturday after stopping to buy souvenirs at the gift shop Deen owns ... next to her Savannah restaurant. "I think the Food Network jumped the gun." A day after announcing

  4. New ad portrays Obama printing fiat currency


    ... The Fox Business Network has reversed a decision not to air a television ad by Swiss America ... . The network will air an ad titled "The Wizards of Oz" one of two previously rejected ... by the network in which the Obama and Bernanke characters engage in a potentially inflationary policy

  5. Al-Jazeera called 'security risk' for America

    ... a deal with the cable giant Comcast. Any such deal would pose an unacceptable danger to American ... ." Kincaid also cited a federal lawsuit seeking damages from the network due to its alleged involvement ... of negotiations to carry Al-Jazeera English on its cable systems across the country. Comcast and MHz could not be reached for comment.

  6. Wanted: WND on cable

    ... your cable news network on the air? Is it possible to be a conservative voice and get a channel ... believed to be true, now with the huge push for amnesty coming from the likes of Bill O'Reilly. He's ... on Comcast? What does it take? I know Beck hasn't been able to get on their lineup. I know, too

  7. Comcast snatches up Time Warner

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    ... (Reuters) - Comcast Corp's proposed $45.2 billion takeover ofTime WarnerCable Inc could face ... the country's pay TV and broadband markets. The company resulting from the merger of the top two U.S. cable ... close scrutiny from U.S. antitrust regulators because of the deal's potential to reshape

  8. See the anti-Fed ads spiked by major networks – even Fox

    ... Network, for apparently political reasons. The ads by Phoenix-based Swiss America Trading Corp ... planned a test in which the two ads will be broadcast 1,132 times on the DISH Network and Direct TV ... from Dec. 5, 2011, through Jan. 12, 2012. Ironically, the Swiss America ads will be seen

  9. Group dishes up hot pro-gun ads

    ... , "print publications ran ads for free, and dozens of [cable television] channels ran the ads ... group that specializes in producing pro-gun advertisements for radio, television and print media ... for political office because of a "constant barrage of anti-gun propaganda from various government agencies

  10. Biden turns 'Nixonian' on gun control


    ... free help from media to promote the president's gun-restriction campaign. Barack Obama has been ... by a report from NBC on how Obama's State of the Union address was being used by gun control advocates. He ... noted the report said: "People who watch the speech on a cable network will see (former Rep. Gabby