1. Merkel reportedly outraged over Cyprus's behavior


    ... to produce a "plan B". She also complained about the lack of communication from Nicosia ... . On the streets of Cyprus, she is viewed as a hate figure, blamed for the bank deposit tax plan, even though ... of Cyprus during an extraordinary meeting of the parliamentary faction of her Christian Democrats

  2. Can Cyprus happen here?

    ... between the United States and Cyprus is that the U.S. government can simply print more money to get ... The decision of the government in Cyprus to simply take money out of people's bank accounts ... trusted banks again. After going back and forth, the government of Cyprus ultimately decided, under

  3. Bankrupt: Cyprus today, America tomorrow

    ... of the tiny island statelet of Cyprus to grab 10 percent of every private bank account should ... be an alarm-bell to America and the wider West. The Cyprus bank-raid is likely to have catastrophic ... in response. And why did Cyprus go bust? I spent eight years there. The central bank was one

  4. Christian ministries threatened by Cyprus crisis


    ... to retire and angry leftists with no serious economic plan, but a determination to overthrow the government ... Amid the turmoil created by a deadline pending in only a few days for Cyprus to come up ... with a bailout plan is a problem for Christian organizations that reach out to help in the Arab world

  5. How the Government can steal your money


    ... nation's government could finalize a plan to seize depositors' funds to satisfy austerity demands from euro ... In order to fund a bailout of Cyprus, European leaders have proposed the institution of a tax ... on bank deposits for residents of the small island nation. A vote is expected on the plan on later

  6. Could Cyprus bank runs happen here?


    ... in Cyprus, with one very big catch. The government of Cyprus would have to raise $7.5 billion through ... . A vote on the plan by the Cyprus parliament has been delayed until tomorrow. The U.S. Treasury ... With the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus about to impose a confiscatory tax up to 9.9

  7. Why Texas wants its gold back from the feds


    ... it could spread here. Cyprus fell into turmoil while the government and European financial leaders ... will be lifted as soon as possible. The heavily indebted government of Cyprus is still planning to raise ... focused on the financial crisis in Cyprus. Texas Gov. Rick Perry is supporting a bill that would return

  8. Governments stealing from bank accounts


    ... hundreds of other depositors in Cyprus, has gone to court against the central bank and the Cypriot government, but the outcome is far from certain. ... WASHINGTON The questionable practice of "bail-ins" begun by Cyprus a year ago to keep banks ... to a bank's recapitalization in lieu of government bailouts. The practice essentially

  9. Tensions rocket over east Med offshore drilling

    ... over drilling rights off of Cyprus, in a conflict that could erupt into Turkish military action ... : At issue are plans for underwater drilling near Cyprus, which has been backed by Greece, a longtime ... it could pressure the Cypriot government to halt the drilling for a quick resolution, but that has

  10. Isaiah 8:10

    ... Devise your strategy, but it will be thwarted; propose your plan, but it will not stand, for God is with us. Isaiah 8:10