1. Americans endorse spycams, getting used to drones


    ... and DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Some of the records show drones used ... reports. "This drone uses 'Gorgon Stare' technology, which Wikipedia defines as 'a spherical array ... .' This technology takes surveillance to a whole new level." The use of military drones further

  2. Feds confirm: Military drones are watching you


    ... It's confirmed: The drones are overhead. Records newly released to the Electronic Frontier ... drones all across the United States. "These records, received as a result of EFF's Freedom ... branches of the U.S. military: the Air Force, Marine Corps and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects

  3. Your iPhone uses more energy than a refrigerator


    ... (The Week) How much energy does it take to power your smartphone addiction? The average iPhone ... uses more energy than a midsize refrigerator, says a new paper by Mark Mills, CEO of Digital Power ... Protection Agency's Energy Star rating uses about 322 kW-h a year, while your iPhone uses about 361 kW-h

  4. Pentagon system tracks every auto

    ... some to worry the technology will lead to a further erosion of privacy. Besides tracking ... themselves overseas. At the center of the unclassified technology is an innovative computer program ... armed drones and other space-based missiles and bombs that can be employed against an enemy

  5. U.S. seeks vanishing, 'dissolvable' electronics


    ... technology. DARPA says there is a strategic purpose for the program. The project is being undertaken ... . Jackson reported on the project's website that DARPA wants the technology to be developed from ... ," DARPA said. "The commercial off-the-shelf, or COTS, electronics made for everyday purchases

  6. Government eyes turning bugs into spies

    ... the technology to market, DARPA seems to have other plans for the technology. Robotic fliers have ... Beetle prepared with sensors and energy-harvesting devices (DARPA) The U.S. government ... responders for disasters, but the technology also is likely to usher in a new era for intelligence

  7. Police State USA: It's here

    ... than we can imagine. Because of this nation's use of rapidly evolving surveillance technology ... in a database. Such a system can easily be placed onto the back of a smartphone and only weighs 12.5 ... : "Cities such as Tampa have attempted to use this technology on busy sidewalks and in public places

  8. 'Citizen drone warfare' coming?


    ... the appropriate personal and commercial uses of unmanned aerial vehicles. Now, a new online video poses a more ... troubling question: What if civilian drones are equipped to shoot more than just pictures? Titled ... wanted to show an inevitability of what I think will happen with these drones," said "Milo," who

  9. Rand Paul demands FBI explain drone ops


    ... last week. "You confirmed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) uses drones ... Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has asked the FBI to explain why it is using drones to spy on American ... done with no operational guidelines. "How long has the FBI been using drones without stated

  10. Is your smartphone donating to Obama's campaign?


    ... the polling trends of your favorite political candidate all simple functions for today's high-technology ... what their digital doo-dad is doing, can do and should be doing. "Set smartphone locking features ... a revolution in political engagement through innovations in communication technology