1. Detroit police's simulated purse snatching goes awry

    ... bosses, who came up with the lame brain idea to simulate a purse snatching and then invite a TV crew ... An FBI agent almost shot a Detroit cop ... to film your reaction Detroit. The immediate supervisor of these cops had no idea this was happening

  2. 'Trayvon!' shouted as group attacks Good Samaritan


    ... is accused of committing Wednesday -- snatching a purse from a woman near the downtown plaza.

  3. Sharpton: Using tragedy for personal gain

    ... caused by a gun or weapon; 77 burglaries; 74 grand larcenies, e.g., purse snatching or jewelry ... snatching; and 41 grand larceny auto theft. All thus being said, it is easy to see how Ms. Geiger would ... to the aforementioned events. Well Al, I'm saying in print for several million to see: I am waiting

  4. If I were mayor of Detroit, part 2

    ... ) Many of the policy assumptions in this column are presently untenable in Detroit (and America ... , Australia and other lands. I continued this theme and applied it to Detroit, the city of my birth ... , in my column "If I were mayor of Detroit." This is Part 2 of that effort. Using my campaign theme

  5. Court: Parents can't monitor kids' phone calls

    ... trial, because Christensen already has served a nine-month jail term for the robbery -- a purse ... snatching. In the October 2000 phone conversation, Christensen told Dixon's daughter "they'll never find

  6. City of Detroit to be dissolved?


    ... struggling city of Detroit and absorbing it into Wayne County is being tossed around in Lansing. WWJ ... at. We really have to look at everything that is on the table, Jones said. Again, if this goes ... will come in and take the jewels of Detroit and they will be gone.

  7. For sale: Homes for $1,000


    ... (CBS News) Looking for a fixer-upper? Detroit has a deal for you. The bankrupt city is auctioning ... day. If it sounds like a dream, then you'd better read the fine print. For one, BuildingDetroit

  8. If I were mayor of Detroit

    ... Show me a monopoly (liberalism) and I'll show you a tyranny (Detroit). ~ Ellis Washington Many ... of the policy assumptions in this column are presently untenable in Detroit (and America) but could ... and other lands. Therefore, I will continue this theme and apply it to Detroit, the city of my birth. What

  9. Prison bars Muslim cleric

    ... to the Journal article, the Illinois native spent his 15th and 16th birthdays in jail for purse ... -snatching and drug crimes, later converted to Islam and began practicing the militant form

  10. Criminal hit by bus after robbing woman


    ... station and snatching her bag. A brief struggle ensues before the man attempts to make his getaway