1. Christians ought to 'read a science book'


    ... in evolution. Then I have a task for you. The burden of proof lies with the believer in evolution. You ... evolution that doesn't necessitate "faith" (belief). Just one piece of observable evidence ... , or videos to watch. I just want one piece of empirical evidence for evolution that isn't founded

  2. 'Magic Man in the Sky' author on TBN


    ... . In short, Darwinian evolution or the Big Bang theory is a hoax." Joining Gallups on TBN's ... work, you will discover that there is an Intelligent Designer behind all creation, and His existence

  3. Game challenges theory that man came from ape

    ... A "pupling" from the game "Intelligent Design Versus Evolution," which challenges ... evolutionary theory Two Christian leaders who in the past have sparked discussion about evolution ... have designed the game "Intelligent Design versus Evolution," which now is available through

  4. Gunslinger shoots down evolution's top arguments

    ... allegedly devastates ideological opponents with his evidences for evolution. His latest bestseller ... response to Dawkins. Cleverly titled "The Greatest Hoax on Earth?" the book takes aim at all of Dawkins ... creationist debater. His previous books, "Refuting Evolution" and "Refuting Evolution 2," are the top

  5. Hating Jews is just natural selection, that is


    ... for his hatred of blacks and Jews. Steve was a strong believer in Darwinian evolution, and he ... ." After the fifth print, the title was shortened to, "Origin of Species." For obvious reasons ... Hitler, because he put Darwinian evolution into practice. Darwin said that the law of nature is survival

  6. Human tailbone: Evidence of evolution?


    ... , eyes, a heart, liver, matching wings that flap faster than the eye can see. Oh, yes. I forgot ... of university students. When I said that I didn't believe in evolution that it was unscientific ... it is a 'leftover' part from human evolution, though the notion that the tailbone serves no purpose

  7. Distrust evolution? You need more 'imagination'


    ... evolution. You need more imagination. That's from Gail Kennedy, who was interviewed on the subject ... by Ray Comfort, veteran Christian evangelist and longtime evolution critic. "The problem with those ... who are unable to see evolution, I think, is they don't have imaginations," she said in Comfort's

  8. D.C. insider blows whistle on 'global warming'


    ... , "The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future." I can't get enough ... an issue of such importance. "The Greatest Hoax" is just such a book. For one thing, Inhofe ... it intriguing that "The Greatest Hoax" is endorsed by a plethora of credible people, scientists

  9. 'Phenomenal' response to 'Bible morons'

    ... is "probably not" literally true and that God's creation of the Earth is compatible with evolution ... President Bush thinks there's "scientific proof" for evolution. I'm still waiting for a tiny shred ... reveres evolution as a religion, and it actually requires far more faith to believe in abiogenesis

  10. Is evolution fact or faith?


    ... "Isn't evolution is a proven fact?" Believers in evolution believe that evolution is a proven ... fact, rather than a mere belief. What they don't realize is that everything about evolution rests ... hearing such a thought, the devout devotee rushes to his evolution site to cut and paste what he