1. 'Egyptian people deserve better'


    ... (CBS NEWS) As the death toll from the rising tide of violence in Egypt surpassed 500 on Thursday ... . "The Egyptian people deserve better than what we've seen over the last several days." In an effort ... of a planned biannual joint military exercise between the armed forces of the United States and Egypt. "While

  2. Egypt gov't: Over 500 dead, death toll rising

    ... as the death toll from a deadly crackdown by security forces surpasses 500. The country is in a state ... Supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi plan to protest in Cairo, Egypt even

  3. War casualty tolls now MIA from newspapers


    ... to prominently print the "toll boxes." Killings have not ended in Iraq; 26 people were killed ... and Iraq, one constant was the daily "toll box" in newspapers, even though many Republicans believed ... hillside memorials. But when Barack Obama was elected president and sworn in Jan. 20, 2009, the toll

  4. Can Japan rise again?

    ... ; Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey – are expected to add almost 500 ... We can thank Providence that the earthquake was not 150 miles closer to Tokyo, or else Japan's dead ... II. Yet, horrendous as it is, it does not, thus far, compare with that. For the earthquake dead

  5. Assad's forces massacre hundreds in Hama


    ... total death toll in the conflict-torn nation to over 150. Other opposition activists had placed the death toll in the area at more than 250. ... and helicopters." Rahman put the death toll in the village of Treimsa at more than 100, adding the bodies

  6. More than 200 die in nightclub fire


    ... in the blaze, but the death toll has steadily been rising as more bodies have been found

  7. Are hot temps telling us something?

    ... Over the last decade, I've published more than 500 columns. But none got more reaction than my ... in the 15 years between 1997 and 2011." And that extreme heat is taking its toll. The evidence ... are grim, sparking a 30 percent jump in the price of corn over the last month which already means

  8. Rand Paul: Intel. chief James Clapper 'lied'

    ... Sen. Rand Paul says James Clapper lied when he told lawmakers in March the govt. wasn't collecting

  9. 18 tourists killed in hot-air balloon crash


    ... (LONDON DAILY MAIL) The British death toll in the Egypt hot air balloon accident has risen to three

  10. Obama's NSA: Close to knowing all about us

    ... over We the People. He practically begged President George W. Bush to "use these tools we have ... potential terrorist threats" ("Govt. Keeping Data on Americans With No Connection to Terrorism ... government agency will lead in this final death sentence for the Fourth Amendment? Emerging from its