1. Egypts military gives Morsi gov't a 48 hour ultimatum

    ... Egypt's military issued a 48-hour ultimatum for political leaders to find a solution

  2. Egyptian president refuses calls to step down

    ... Despite an ultimatum from the Egyptian military, Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi says he won't

  3. Reports of gunfire on pro-Morsi protesters


    ... (NBC NEWS) CAIRO - About 15 people were injured during clashes Friday between Egypts military ... Adawiya Mosque marched toward the Republican Guard headquarters, where Morsi is rumored to have been held since being deposed by the military. ... and supporters of Mohammed Morsi outside the barracks where the ousted Islamist president is believed

  4. Islamist Egypt befriends Hezbollah


    ... (TIMES OF ISRAEL) Egypts ambassador to Lebanon said his country will pursue a relationship ... with Hezbollah, a real political and military force, The Daily Star reported Saturday. If implemented ... administration. Egypts relations with Hezbollah, a Shiite Islamic group that is considered a terror

  5. Egypt protest leaders to Obama: 'Stay out of it'


    ... yesterday gave Morsi an ultimatum of 48-hours to resolve the crisis or else they will introduce a plan ... TEL AVIV The Egyptian Military Council and the countrys secular opposition have rejected an Obama ... administration proposal to keep embattled President Mohamed Morsi in power as a transition leader

  6. Muslim Brotherhood plots to form new terror group

    Al-Gamaa al-Islamiyya

    ... responded to days of massive protests by ousting Morsi and suspending the constitution after the 48-hour ... JERUSALEM Following the ousting today of Mohamed Morsi as Egypt's president, members of his Muslim ... Brotherhood are already studying how to form a so-called military wing to carry out terrorist

  7. Muslim Brotherhood threatens civil war in Egypt


    ... attacks against Egypts military compounds, military personnel, government buildings, and soft targets ... Mohammed Morsi as President. Muslim Brotherhood official Al Baltaghy announced a few days ago ... earlier. Evoking history, Hamaad advocates aggression for success in returning Morsi to office. Al

  8. Egyptian military bombards militant towns in Sinai


    ... confrontation between Egypts military and Islamic militants who have intensified attacks since the ouster ... (Associated Press) Military attack helicopters rattle over the impoverished desert towns ... of president Mohammed Morsi. Militant groups have grown bolder, striking security forces almost daily

  9. Libyan official ties Morsi to Benghazi attack


    ... in the current fiscal year, despite the military coup that ousted the Muslim Brotherhood-backed Morsi ... Heliopolis district to congratulate Morsi on being elected Egypts president the previous June ... on Mohamed Morsi, the now deposed president of Egypt. WND has verified the authenticity

  10. 'Islamic democracy' -- an oxymoron

    ... Mohamed Morsi as Egypts president. While the White House didnt publicly invite Egypts interim ... -plomacy?) of the handling of post-Morsi Egypt is reaching to a new low. The Jerusalem Post reported ... on August 6, that President Obama will meet with representatives of Egypts Muslim Brotherhood