1. Shady firms tied to Israel wiretap U.S. for NSA


    ... Alexander, the director of the NSA, is having a busy year hopping around the country, cutting ribbons ... dedicated the new $358 million CAPT Joseph J. Rochefort Building at NSA Hawaii, and in March he ... unveiled the 604,000-square-foot John Whitelaw Building at NSA Georgia. Designed to house about 4,000

  2. 'Ed Snowden isn't a whistleblower – he's a traitor'


    ... that lawmakers "left the briefing disturbed and angered" after hearing that the leaks by the former Booz ... on the Edward Snowden leaks Wednesday afternoon "shocked" at the amount of information he reportedly ... leaked beyond the NSA surveillance programs. Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), chairman

  3. Clinton's crypto technology leaks

    ... to prevent an encrypted C4 system from being sold to China. The NSA has come out of its black box on more ... the White House over a state-of-the-art, scrambled, fiber-optic video communications system ... , this was not the first time Clinton has used encrypted or scrambled video. In 1996, Clinton testified

  4. Give it to China, keep it from Americans?

    ... satellite. Clinton authorized exports of military encrypted communications and satellite telemetry ... export of an encrypted air-defense communications system directly to the Chinese Air Force ... Clinton signing waiver after waiver for exports of military hardware to China -- the NSA and FBI

  5. U.S. surveillance undermining democracy?


    ... to their "backdoor" keys for encrypted systems that allows NSA to monitor all messages, texts ... approaches $100 billion. NSA found itself in the spotlight based on Snowden's revelations ... communications on all Americans in addition to foreigners. Snowden, said to be an information technology

  6. Rush bashes Obama for 'not knowing jack'


    ... of leaks have caused more of the NSA's most closely kept secrets to unravel. After it became known ... approved the bugging of Merkels phone three years ago, after he was briefed on the operation by NSA ... as part of a review of surveillance programs ordered by Obama after NSA contractor Edward Snowden

  7. Fatal flaw in plan to evade NSA


    ... 73, he remains in federal prison. Disclosure of NSA eavesdropping on microwave communications ... . surveillance of Internet traffic between them – after revelations the U.S. National Security ... Agency spied on their communications. But the $185 million cable project will not necessarily keep

  8. Army bans soldiers from reading about NSA

    Tom Grundy

    ... at. XKeyscore holds the greatest amount of communications data collected by NSA. The article quotes William ... communications. National Intelligence Director James Clapper in a letter to Sen. Ron Wyden conceded that NSA ... and clicked on any 'NSA program' slide show please inform me immediately. It is much easier fix (sic

  9. Bankrupt Iridium to destroy 66 satellites

    ... After plummeting from a high of $61 a share in 1998 to $6 last July, the now ... . The Iridium project fell into disarray in late 1999, after Motorola threatened to cease financial support ... as a host of other advanced space technologies, including satellite telemetry stations and encrypted

  10. NSA chief makes 'amazing' revelation


    ... was disclosed to the White House as part of a review of surveillance programs ordered by Obama after NSA ... Intelligence James Clapper, following revelations in recent days that the NSA has been spying ... . Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., took him to task for the damage she said the NSA spying revelations have