1. The formula for becoming an atheist


    ... . The first rule is to ignore design in nature. You will see it everywhere; from the planets ... look and everywhere you can't look, you will see design. Now here's the hard part. Ignore your God ... , to the atoms, to the birds and the bees, to the seasons, to the design of the human body, the design of fish

  2. Intelligent design scientist denied tenure

    ... Guillermo Gonzalez A leading proponent of intelligent design, who was targeted ... a statement and petition against intelligent design in the science curriculum that collected 120 ... signatures. Claims for intelligent design, said the ISU faculty statement "are premised on (1

  3. Ayers already turning on Obama

    ... mistake." "We've seen this happen before," Ayers told Alan Colmes on Fox News' "Hannity" program ... . "We've seen a hopeful presidency, Lyndon Johnson's presidency, burn up in the furnace of war ... , a colossal stain on the planet, a hated symbol everywhere around the world." In the way of defense

  4. Anti-evolution paper met with 'hysteria, name-calling'

    ... "Intelligent Design" was met with "hysteria, name-calling and personal attack," according ... magazine published in print and on the Web. It reports on and analyzes the issues and events ... that impact the world of life scientists." Intelligent Design – which one critic calls "the old

  5. NASA lab accused of crackdown on intelligent design

    ... . The complaint said, "Intelligent design offers scientific evidence that life's development is best ... -design videos with co-workers. The case has been filed by David Coppedge, an information ... discussion of intelligent design," said attorney Casey Luskin of Discovery Institute's Center for Science

  6. Has anyone seen an Obama 2012 bumper sticker?

    ... . But, with all of these facts on the table, my question is: "Has anyone seen an Obama 2012 bumper ... be riding high under Obama. There's new construction everywhere. Government employees haven't lost ... you seen it? I know Obama has raised a billion dollars for the campaign. If he has used any

  7. Evolution fraud in current biology textbooks

    ... One of the most popular and familiar pieces of evidence used to bolster the theory of evolution ... ; is fraudulent, and has been known to be fraudulent for nearly 100 years. Most people have seen those ... between evolution and intelligent design – a battle that increasingly includes outright

  8. Intelligent Design torpedoes tenure

    ... design evidence, has launched an action alert in support of Gonzalez. "I think if it looks like ... shows mounting evidence for intelligent design of the universe Intelligent Design vs. Evolution & ... design "was not an overriding factor" in the decision but that it "played into" the process

  9. Intelligent design costs prof his job

    ... accepting evidence or hearing testimony from a professor in a dispute over the school's denial of his ... professor of astronomy who has been actively working on theories of intelligent design, an effort ... to his academic record, but because he supports intelligent design," said Casey Luskin, program

  10. Victory for intelligent design

    ... the established authorities of the Western world – people who everywhere commanded unquestioned respect ... , and offered mathematical evidence, he was quietly dismissed as deluded. However, by the next generation ... telescopic evidence for his theory, those in control decided to shut him up. The revolution of the sun