1. FBI, police investigate case of trespassing at reservoir


    ... water supply facilities after a case of trespassing at Quabbin Reservoir. ... Police across the state of Massachusetts are increasing the number of routine checks of the state's

  2. Middle Easterners caught trespassing at Boston reservoir


    ... trespassing at Quabbin Reservoir, described as one of the country's biggest man-made public water ... the trespassing." Authorities said the FBI was investigating and the inspections of the water supply ... Arabia the country of 15 of the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers were caught trespassing in the middle

  3. So who's the enemy?

    ... at the Quabbin Reservoir in Belchertown, Mass, discovered seven adults in a no-trespassing area ... . This reservoir supplies drinking water for Boston and 40 other communities. Police questioned the five ... and pretend history doesn't count. Consider last Wednesday. Police on routine midnight patrol

  4. Patrick Knowlton saga continues

    ... . When he suggested that he knew the FBI was involved, the police officer became visibly shaken ... by the FBI. When he went public with his protests, strange things started happening around Knowlton. He ... days ago, Knowlton went to the U.S. Park Police Headquarters on Ohio Drive S.W. in Washington, D.C

  5. FBI turf war way overblown

    ... to the FBI? The fact is, they could not. Moreover, if a local police officer or police chief has ... administration ordered a joint task-force to investigate this horrible crime and the FBI was ordered to work ... that the same thing can and probably will happen again? This current case is the most important case the FBI has

  6. Gideons battling 2nd round of charges

    ... with trespassing after the school's principal called police. On March 8, ADF attorneys filed a motion to dismiss ... Bibles on a public sidewalk are battling a second round of charges, after the initial trespassing ... on the case for the two volunteers. "Does the state now believe that its citizens will be safer

  7. Gideons facing charges for being on public land

    ... as a fact that the defendants in the case did trespass. "A copy of our police report (see attached ... with trespassing because they were handing out Bibles while standing on a public sidewalk adjacent ... to a school. Those trespassing charges were dismissed on a motion from lawyers for the Alliance Defense

  8. Men giving away Bibles cleared of charges

    ... that these men should not have been arrested and dismissed the charges against them," he said. The case has ... arrested. They had been charged with trespassing after the principal complained that they were ... , charged with trespassing, and booked into jail after the school principal, Annette Martinson, called

  9. No 'independent' probe of Foster death

    ... investigate along with the Park Police, at which time it ruled that the death was a suicide, the FBI had ... investigation, according to key depositions in the case. "The FBI, you see, had as big a hand ... . But that is precisely what happened in the Foster case. The FBI, a part of the Justice Department

  10. Men jailed for being on public sidewalk

    ... and Ernest Simpson, who were arrested, booked into jail and charged with trespassing. Jeremy ... Tedesco, one of the ADF's lawyers on the case, confirmed to WND that the organization's clients were ... on a public sidewalk when they were handing out Bibles and school officials summoned police