1. 'Freedom to Marry Week' celebrated

    ... ." Public debate about homosexual marriage has heightened since last week's advisory opinion ... of Freedom to Marry, in a statement. "The gay and non-gay people taking part in Freedom to Marry events ... discrimination and instead talk about how the exclusion from marriage harms real families in our country

  2. Massachusetts billboard promotes 'gay' website

    ... , billboards, and transit shelters and in "gay-focused print media" in key markets including San Francisco ... of same-sex "marriage" is the "green light to push [homosexuality] in your face – in the schools ... , government, businesses, and the public square." "This is also about desensitizing you

  3. Cheap shot, WND

    ... abortion, religious freedom and gay "marriage" deserve your criticism. Don't water down your message ... Why do you print things like this? ["Obamahair: Gray vanishes after election"] This type of hype

  4. 'Gay' adoptions gaining favor?

    ... comes amid intense debate over attempts by homosexual activists to establish "gay marriage." Momentum ... : California Senate OKs 'virtual gay marriage' 'Gays' heading to Canada for mass wedding U.S ... . 'gay' activist touts Canadian 'marriage' Canada set to legalize 'gay' marriage 'Gay' wedding

  5. The floor is falling

    ... The flaccid Senate debate on the Federal Marriage Amendment is over, with the Amendment making ... , opened its ruling with the observation that marriage is "a vital social institution &hellip ... , the lifespan of a gay union averages one and a half years. Similar stats on heterosexual marriage

  6. Pew: Media bias for 'gay' marriage


    ... (WASHINGTON TIMES) Media bias? What bias? Pro-gay marriage stories outnumbered anti-gay marriage ... stories by five-to-one in a new study of coverage of the debate released Monday by the Pew Research ... Center Project for Excellence in Journalism. And were not talking here about subtly inflected

  7. An absolute right to refuse service

    ... . It was never about "discrimination." It was always about liberty. Freedom, man. Because 'Merica ... to coerce people into tolerance. If we value our freedom as gay people in living our lives the way we ... it." He was right. In the aftermath of the Arizona religious-freedom skirmish, I have a few questions

  8. Kerry-Edwards: The ambiguously 'gay' duo

    ... on their voting records on issues of advancing homosexual issues, life and marriage. The National Gay ... Democratic Party that has pushed "same sex marriage" to the very forefront of debate by aggressively ... asked about support for the protection of marriage in America. Marriage, after all, is that unique

  9. Should Christians abandon state marriage?


    ... private affair will bring a blissful end to the same-sex marriage debate. If the state isn't ... government's role in marriage would "solve the gay-marriage problem." Conservative talk host Larry Elder ... get rid of this whole debate and we wouldn't be arguing over the definition of marriage." Tea

  10. 'Gay marriage' spark to spread wildfire?

    ... and disingenuous game of political semantics relative to the so-called "gay-marriage" debate. On Nov. 7 ... "gay marriage" through sleight of hand, while calling it something else. They assert that it's ... that the referendum doesn't codify "gay marriage," but rather, simply grants certain legal protections