1. Government report: TSA corruption, misconduct soaring

    ... and allowed it to go around security. A TSA supervisor saw the misconduct and insisted the bag be screened, according to the report. Read more:abcnews.go.com ... past scanners or napping on the job. The report, released Tuesday by the Government Accountability ... were cited for more than9,600 cases of misconductfrom 2010 to 2012, according to a new government

  2. TSA pat-downs soon coming to your travel route


    ... Squad TV said in the report that it appears TSA is heading for "anywhere where you have big crowds ... ," Blackburn's report stated. "This problem has only exacerbated itself since 2005 when TSA ... they wear." Her report detailed 50 crimes for which TSA employees had been arrested from 2005-2012

  3. 2,527 DHS employees, co-conspirators convicted of crimes


    ... -conspirators convicted of corruption and other criminal misconduct since 2004, according to a federal auditor ... testimony prepared for an Aug. 1 hearing held by the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee ... on Government Organization, Efficiency, and Financial Management.

  4. GOP joins campaign against TSA scanners

    ... reported earlier when a government advisory board in Austin, joined by a team of citizen groups ... , asked the city council there to tell the TSA to keep its scanners and pat-downs out of the city's ... council to inform the TSA, the state and federal delegations of such opposition." A petition, already

  5. Obama's 2nd TSA pick withdraws

    ... of the federal budget. Questions were also raised about a multimillion-dollar government contract ... Harding's company double-billed the government for more than $860,000, and it ultimately reimbursed ... the government more than $2 million. In a statement yesterday, White House spokesman Nick Shapiro

  6. States to federal gov't: Stop feeling up fliers

    ... report at Radio & Television Business said the opponents of TSA procedures also took ... as the "groping" patdowns given passengers as the alternative. The newest to propose limits for the TSA ... in nature" if performed by anyone other than TSA workers. The proposed resolution asserts the scans

  7. Did TSA know LAX attack coming?

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    ... Back in January, an oddly prescient investigative report revealed that should a shooting occur ... , Alan Jones reported a veteran TSA agent disclosed he had recently undergone agency training during ... which TSA personnel were confronted with a checkpoint shooting. The training reportedly changed

  8. Democrat abandons Obama on gate rape

    ... report on the program; Why TSA does not systematically use watch list-derived intelligence information ... has sought or received recommendations from the government of Israel about how TSA could improve ... and current chair of the House Select Oversight Panel, also has written to ask for a meeting with TSA

  9. Air marshals disciplined for 'sexcapades'

    ... reprimanded severely by the new Transportation Security Administration, or TSA. The allegations ... the carnage of 9-11. A TSA spokesman tells Insight that the disciplinary actions taken against three ... air marshals, but who works at TSA, also was disciplined as part of the yearlong investigation

  10. TSA slams pilot for criticizing security

    ... formidable than a box cutter, doesn't it?" The report said the pilot was told by the TSA a week ... apparently is facing civil penalties from the TSA, the KXTV report by George Warren said ... ;ndash; simply by swiping a card. The report by KXTV-TV in Sacramento did not reveal the name