1. Left preparing street chaos, class warfare

    ... to President Obama, are preparing protests to coincide with major NATO and G-8 summits in Chicago ... would host NATO and G-8 summits next spring. The decision followed an intense lobbying effort ... , Italy, left one person dead and hundreds injured. Also, in the run up to a G-20 economic summit

  2. Winter thaw: Occupy plotting spring chaos


    ... to President Obama, are preparing protests to coincide with major NATO and G-8 summits slated for Chicago ... of the protests being scheduled for Chicago's NATO and G-8 summits in May. The anti-FBI Committee is led ... and hundreds injured. Also, in the run-up to a G-20 economic summit in Pittsburgh in 2009, police reportedly

  3. U.N. moves to compensate victims of terror


    ... (GUARDIAN) People seriously injured or maimed by terrorist attacks across the world would ... British lawyer, will be welcomed by the UK government at a time when the international legal system ... by the Observer, is to be presented to the UN human rights council in Geneva on 20 June and the general assembly

  4. 'Robin Hood' aims at Wall Street next

    ... , some tied to Obama, are preparing protests to coincide with major NATO and G-8 summits in Chicago ... are tied to Obama. The NATO and G-8 summits are not the only focus of radical groups. WND ... in the UK. It calls for a new tax on most goods and services to be implemented globally, regionally

  5. Microsoft accused in latest round of Snowden revelations


    ... Edward Snowden. According to the Guardian newspaper says Snowden has provided proof that Microsoft has ... , to make sure all of their customers can be spied on. Microsoft has explicitly denied

  6. Report: U.K. spies hacked foreign diplomats


    ... LONDON (AP) — The Guardian newspaper said the British eavesdropping agencyGCHQ  ... ; came just hours before Britain was due to open the G-8 summit in Northern Ireland on Monday ... previously used its position as host to spy on its allies and other attendees could make

  7. Glenn Greenwald: UK will be 'sorry' for detaining partner


    ... Guardian journalist who wrote stories exposing mass American surveillance programmes says UK

  8. Phone records shared with U.K.

    Documents show GCHQ has had access to the NSA's Prism programme since at least June 2010

    ... (LONDON GUARDIAN) The UK's electronic eavesdropping and security agency, GCHQ, has been secretly ... up by America's top spy agency, documents obtained by the Guardian reveal. The documents show ... , photos and videos from an internet company based outside the UK.

  9. Spying on friends, American-style


    ... major allies, Australia and New Zealand, with both nations accused of cooperation with secret U.S ... . data collection. Revelations last week published by the London Guardian and Washington Post ... and the U.S. The exposure of the NSA's vast spy program has drawn America's two Pacific allies

  10. The most unpleasant sounds you've heard


    ... ? Scientists from Newcastle University in the UK used 13 volunteers to test their reaction to 74 different ... discovered that a sharp knife scraped against a glass bottle was the most unpleasant, The Guardian ... in the UK reported. Following up that unpleasant screech - think of the sound of a knife trying