1. Clinton pushes national gun ID card

    ... President Bill Clinton shocked gun owners throughout the nation last night when he proposed ... safety' is a way that he can talk about gun control [while] preparing for confiscation. That's what ... this is, by the way, the preparation for confiscation, which we've seen in New York already. We've

  2. Gun buybacks 'not going to make a dent'


    ... Adam Lanza not being able to obtain a weapon because of a local gun buyback program," said Coalition ... there would be some sort of national gun confiscation. That's exactly what happened in Australia after ... program in 21 years. "The gun in your home, the gun in your business. Folks are scared of that gun

  3. Colorado closes gun-show 'loophole'

    ... on 'assault weapons' ban Gun confiscation in California More gun confiscation in California California redefines assault weapons ... A new Colorado law that requires background checks for firearms purchases at gun shows has taken ... effect, though critics say the law will do little to stop gun-related violence. The law, which took

  4. Newsman: Gun registration means confiscation


    ... that gun registration led to gun confiscation in Canada, and the same thing will happen in the U.S ... (THEBLAZE) Living in Canada, Sun News Network anchor Brian Lilley has already seen where seemingly ... innocent gun control measures can lead. During a news broadcast this week, Lilley warned Americans

  5. Catastrophe when America's twin gave up guns


    ... nation to gun-hating country is a tragic tale, often misrepresented or inaccurately told ... children learned gun safety and operation. Australia, through its history, was a gun nation ... explained, "[I]t's unlikely they've ever seen a gun, much less held or shot one. Most Aussies would

  6. Obama discriminates – against gun owners

    ... in our nation, including Obama's home state of Illinois, require some form of gun registration ... in the history of the world have taught us that gun registration invariably leads to gun confiscation ... President-elect Obama has accomplished with this question is a mandatory gun registration program

  7. Feinstein fails in Senate, gun ban dropped

    Dianne Feinstein

    ... to implement a gun confiscation program," said pollster Fritz Wenzel of Wenzel Strategies ... At one time, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., sought to have every privately owned gun ... in the nation confiscated. But now she apparently can't even convince her fellow Democrats to ban certain types

  8. The anti-gun bogeyman

    ... true intent. They have known that his ultimate aim is complete private gun confiscation. They have ... understand why the NRA seemed to resist even the most minor restrictions on gun ownership. Who ... was this bogeyman they feared? Confession: I now have seen that bogeyman, and he is real. My opinion

  9. Another state implements Obama's gun control


    ... and gun confiscation? Find out HOW AMERICA IS BECOMING A POLICE STATE in this shocking WND special ... is ultimately about gun confiscation," Saine said at the time. "What they need to realize ... appears to be that Obama wants all of these gun bills passed in order to use as a model for other

  10. Arrest sparks rush on $1 million Gospel tracts

    ... for a scanner gun after the clerk refused to accept the tract as money and the manager confiscated ... , but whatever the reason, the ministry is happy to print and distribute them as fast as possible, based on its ... and everyone wants one." He said he's also seen them posted in bank windows, stashed in tip jars