1. How the left yearned for a white American bomber


    ... . The Gang members gathered to discussHow the Left Yearned for a White American Bomber.The ... expressed his wish that the Boston Marathon bomber would be a white American terrorist. InPart II ... , the Gang discussedRachel Maddows Brain Numbing Attack on David Horowitz. The dialogue explored how

  2. The New York Times vs. America

    ... . It left the impression that I was conscripted" when, in fact, Carter volunteered for active duty ... . Funny how the "production errors" of the Times' truth doctors always put the Bush administration ... unfit to print by the Times. The Times did find space to print the year's most insipid op-ed

  3. Newsweek clams upon U.S. flag in trash

    ... that have been branded as anti-American and even treasonous, Newsweek has refused to respond ... retraction of the Quran-in-the-toilet story, has been hammered for publishing anti-American cover ... an American flag in a trash can under the headline, "The day America died," and the international edition

  4. 'Mitt' the movie: What's not there


    ... . I yearned to see Romney's response to the release of the 47-percent video: how he personally ... reacted to this revelation and how his campaign planned its public reply. This was a significant moment ... in Romney's political life. How he handled it could be quite enlightening. After all, the film does

  5. The second anniversary of Sept. 11

    ... over the White House"! If American "interference" in the Muslim world created this hostility, how ... female Arab student spoke of her resentment of how "American schools look down on us." One theme & ... would a "Muslim flag" over the White House solve the problem? Do the Muslim critics of American policy

  6. My revived hatred of communism

    ... left. It was (and continues to be) taught in virtually every Western university and was and continues ... of their country. Adm. Jeremiah Denton, the senior American officer to serve as a Vietnam POW ... Was In Session" First, they fought the French, then the Japanese and then the Americans. American baby boomers

  7. Hal Lindsey wows 'Future Congress' event

    ... said it was after that near miss in 1954 that, "I read the book of Acts and my heart yearned ... a White Horse," but, as Lindsey said, "It would have been 'behold the white elephant'" if that title ... , far left, and long-time associate Jack Kinsella."][/caption] Today, the man revered by Bible

  8. The left: Unable to recognize evil

    ... that the Times Square bomber didn't turn out to be the "white male" he was originally identified ... a "white male," shorthand for non-Muslim, non-minority American, tried to blow up passersby near Times ... be a right-wing white American opposed to Obamacare (aka a tea partier). It is the rather more likely

  9. Let's talk caliphate

    ... the caliphate taking over the Middle East" and Islamic connections to the American left. Kristol was seconded ... I almost forgot how the pundit right smacked down Glenn Beck over his wholly rational concern ... left congratulated the responsible right for "addressing" the Beck "problem." And maybe a solution

  10. Priest goes Muslim, but remains Christian

    ... at a mosque Fridays – but that hasn't stopped her from donning her white collar Sunday mornings ... . "I am both Muslim and Christian, just like I'm both an American of African descent and a woman. I'm ... , is among the Muslim leaders who don't understand how she can remain an Episcopalian. Being both