1. No more Newsweek, no more books?


    ... the White House, is one of our national institutions, of a sort. Countless copies have been ... still come from print advertising and circulation. It is even true that at the moment, the e ... and digital. In fact, the most innovative book publishers at the moment realize that print sales can

  2. Dear WND: Get a life!

    ... it to you before you print an article? You appear to be run by Republicans that have a political agenda ... many billions of tax dollars have been wasted? Why don't you write about the 39-plus times they have ... I just read your propaganda about gun control, I have to ask myself where do you people come from

  3. 8 reasons not to be optimistic about Egypt

    ... them. And if these trees are planted, they are likely to take many years to grow. People have been ... country. The American media have been hiding the bad guys. You have not been getting the whole ... and the rest of the Arab world have been swimming in a sea of Jew and Israel hatred for decades

  4. Reagan's 'Rendezvous with Destiny' comes to life

    ... Democrat to Republican, he set a course no one could have envisioned. His detractors love to play up ... What hasn't been said or written about the great man, Ronald Wilson Reagan? Biographies ... , however, that his critics have lampooned him from the safe confines of the United States, a nation he

  5. The ethics of revolution

    ... the benefits of a little revolution now and then, but he may not have been entirely aware of its ... military to its full extent, they could have crushed the rebellious movement. However, they did ... and wrongs of revolution. While the author agreed with my sentiments, he accused me and other

  6. AOL goes the way of MSNBC

    ... , but this operation has to be her crowning achievement. Because Americans have been bombarded for so ... : The Inside Story of the New Media Revolution" is a fascinating account of his life as a cutting-edge ... . How about this memorable moment from Huffington Puffington Post celebrity columnist Alec Baldwin

  7. Disgusted with Washington? Join the crowd


    ... agencies. His columns have appeared regularly in numerous print and web publications, including WND ... storm that could be coming. Kotlikoff explains the many economic challenges facing American and how ... it? 'Cainsian economics'? What's driving demand? Is this the century of crisis? A moment

  8. Stopping the presses, permanently

    ... ," I could hardly have asked for a more timely plug from BusinessWeek magazine. Its July 24 issue ... publishing a print product?" Why is he asking? "This could be the worst year for newspapers since ... Having just authored a book called "Stop the Presses! The Inside Story of the New Media Revolution

  9. Farewell Anthony Lewis

    ... of that challenge in the threat of Islamic fundamentalism after Sept. 11. But Lewis has never been very ... writes. Now let's just analyze that statement for a moment. In one sentence, Lewis links Darwin ... creation any better using the scientific method than Darwin could. I doubt very much, in fact, if Lewis

  10. Amazon selling several child molestation books

    ... have been sexual predators for many years are very mentally deformed. That's why Alfred Kinsey could ... include "Beyond Hysteria: Boy Erotica on the Internet," "Could they ALL have been WRONG?," "We were ... was first printed, and the book has been out of print for some time now. Yet there are still